I’m Not a Good NASCAR Fan

My wife and I went to the NASCAR race at Bristol yesterday and it confirmed something that I already knew: I am not a good NASCAR fan. 

Actually it was confirmed first the night before the race, too.  I had the privilege of meeting up with an online friend, Jason Wert (see his blogs here and here), in real life.  He had won tickets to the race and was going to be spending the night near Knoxville; my wife and I had bought tickets to the race and live in Knoxville.  And, amazingly, we all like to eat at regular intervals.  So we decided to meet up for a late supper.

If you have read Jason’s blogs, you know that he likes NASCAR; if you have read my blog, you know that I like chicken-n-dumplins and my feet (and a few other things, I suppose).  I have never given any indication that I am a big NASCAR fan.  My wife, however, is a fan.  Yesterday was our third trip to Bristol to see a race and her life B.M. (Before Matt) included trips to watch races in several other venues.  So when our conversation on Saturday night focused on NASCAR, Kristy and Jason talked intelligently about it while I was left sounding like your weird uncle by saying things like, “I like the way Carl Edwards does flips when he wins.” 

Me and my lovely wife at Bristol (I'm wincing in pain because that truck had just backed into my head)

The real confirmation of my suspect NASCAR fan-dom took place during the actual race.  The differences between me and the fans near me were as easily seen as the bald spot that has recently appeared in my facial hair.  I have analyzed the differences and have come up with three main reasons why I am not a good NASCAR fan.

*By “good NASCAR fans”I do not mean ALL good NASCAR fans (Jason and my wife are good NASCAR fans who do not exhibit the behaviors listed below)  I mean those who usually sit near me at the races.

1.  I don’t drink beer.  The three guys in front of us had at least 5 cans of beer each.  They drank beer like I eat Hershey Kisses.  They drank beer like my wife’s poodle eats cat litter.  They drank beer like monkeys throw poo.  They drank a lot of beer.  Me? I drink a lot of sweet tea.  That’s about it.

2.  I’m not a bird flipper.  The majority of the fans around me felt it necessary to make their displeasure apparent by raising their middle finger over and over again.  When Kyle Busch took the lead–birds flew.  When no one wrecked Kyle Busch–birds flew.  When Kyle Busch won–birds flew.  When Kyle Busch took his victory lap–birds flew.  Did I mention that they didn’t like Kyle Busch? 

3.  I wash my hands after I use the restroom.  Judging by what I saw in the men’s room, roughly 92% of NASCAR fans do not wash their hands after “taking care of business.” At least not during a race.  Some people give high-fives to strangers during a race.  Not me.  I know better.  Giving someone a high-five during a race is like saying, “Hey–can I have all of your grossest germs?”  Um, no thank you.

I know that there are things that I have in common with real NASCAR fans–I love plaid, flannel, and funnel cakes as much as the next fan.  But there are a few things that make me think that I am not a good NASCAR fan.  And that’s okay.  Being a good NASCAR fan is not high on my list of important things to be.

But being a good follow of Christ surely is.  And I fail at that quite often, too.

Those failures can paralyze me and cause me to think that I shouldn’t keep trying because I know that more failures are on the horizon.  Yet the Savior still beckons me to come, to serve, to walk with Him.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

I am not always a good follower of Christ.  That is when I have to rely on the fact that Christ was good–perfect–for me.  He did everything right so that when I fail as one of His followers, I continue to be clothed in His righteousness.

I am not a good NASCAR fan.

I am often not a good  follower of Christ.

But Christ continues to be good and faithful to me.

And I am thankful.

(Are you a NASCAR fan?  If so, who is your favorite driver?  If not, who is your favorite Sesame Street character?  How is your walk with Christ lately? Share away!)


Me and Jason--he isn't that short, but I am that tall.

39 thoughts on “I’m Not a Good NASCAR Fan

  1. Ya know Matt, I would love to race cars with powerful engines, but I can’t say Imma Nascar fan. I can also say Imma Miami Dolphins fan, but I am not a Superbowl fan, nor a football fan. I do like MMA, but I am not up to date on who’s on top either.

    As far as Sesame Street…I am partial to the Muppets myself, especially poor Beaker.
    But I do like Kermit.

    Im struggling with my faith right now..especially wondering about the coming years

    • Poor Beaker indeed.

      And when it comes to the approacing years, what I try to do is to keep trusting in the sovereignty of God over the affairs of our world. When I falter in this, I remember the man who told Jesus–“I believe…help my unbelief.”

  2. I AM NOT a NASCAR fan. How’s that for emphasis? In fact, I am suddenly becoming not much of a fan of too many sports although I do follow cycling (yeah that is a worldwide popular sport) and baseball (Pirates). So, I could really care less who wins, except I do hope Lightning McQueen wins the Piston Cup this year. I watch no football or thugball. Could care less about soccer or hockey. have I said yet that I don’t care? I do care about my walk with Christ. Right now it is teetering-on the edge of exciting and humdrum.

  3. I am not a fan but I have been to a few races. The thing that made me feel like I wasn’t a real fan was that I wore a shirt. There were a lot of big hairy guys without shirts on when I went to a race.

  4. My friend Laurie and I tease each other that we are possibly the most educated (in terms of # of higher degrees) NASCAR fans than any two other people sitting together at a race. Neither of drink beer, shoot the bird, and I can only answer for myself, always wash my hands after a visit to the bathroom.

    I’m not as big a NASCAR fan as I once was (since I dropped TV from my life), but I love going to the races, Bristol is awesome since it’s short-track! I have a driver, but since it’s Jimmie Johnson, I feel a condemnation coming from Jason Wert any minute. I have at least three hoodies with that man’s name on it (Jimmie, not Jason) and my kids had #48 onesies from the cradle.

    Oh, and… and this is most important…. I love Jesus.

    • I would never have guessed that about you (about NASCAR, not Jesus). My wife and I decided to be Carl Edwards fans a few years ago based on the awesomeness pf his flips and our affinty for the Aflac duck.
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    • *chuckles* You might be surprised. Sometimes those beer-swilling hairy men with their shirts off actually do have advanced degrees.

      The atmosphere of beer is one of the reasons I’ve never been interested in going to a race; the noise is another factor. But I enjoy watching on TV now and then. In many ways it has more in common with a chess game than most people realize a bunch of cars driving in a circle could.There is so much strategy and prediction work involved, which is what got my mom hooked.

  5. If anyone in WV sees this comment, I may be exiled, but…I don’t like NASCAR. *insert record stopping sound here

    I tried. I really did. I like flannel and plaid, steel toed boots, turkey drumsticks, trucker hats that are worn by real truckers, and dodging tobacco-spit filled water bottles as much as the next redneck gal from Appalachia; but I just can’t get into watching cars drive around a track. Perhaps it is more fun live, but watching it on TV is equivalent to watching golf. NACAR = sleep.

    My walk with Christ is hand in hand right now. There are days that are super exciting and days that I wonder where He is, but overall…awesome.

    So awesome that you and Jason met up!

    • I’m not a big fan of watching the races on TV either. In person, though, is a whole different story. And I think that dodging tobacco-spit filled water bottles should be an Olympic sport (or at least part of the X-games).

      Glad you are walking hand in hand with the Savior right now. What a wonderful feeling.

  6. We weren’t a NASCAR family until my mom got into it a few years ago. She found out there was a whole strategy to how they adjust their cars and when they pit and what they take on when they pit, and it intrigued her. She’s now a Jeff Gordon fan, though she likes a few other drivers as well.

    I’ve been to a track before, but for a Promise Keepers event rather than a race. I’ll tell you, hearing ~40,000 men sing “Change My Heart O God” a capella on a sunny, silent morning is a stunning experience. I was fascinated, too, when on the third round or so the lead singer switched to Spanish, and men around me from my church that I knew did not speak Spanish just made the switch right on with him without missing a word. It was an amazing experience.

      • She’s also a Jimmy Johnson fan (Hi Kristin!) and Junior is growing on her, though I think that last may be sympathy. Last season it seemed like every time the poor guy got a good run going someone would wreck his car. 😦

        Oddly enough, I was almost a NASCAR software developer, only the idea guy got an absurdly small estimate of the time needed to complete the project from the previous developer that abandoned the project for a good job opportunity, and failed to communicate this expected timetable until after the first few invoices were submitted. The money man wasn’t apparently interested in footing a significantly higher development cost, so the project dried up. Pity, as it was actually a good idea, and similar software is now used by all the teams.

  7. NASCAR no. Sesame Street yes. I like Elmo. Just don’t tickle me. You don’t want me to tell you why.

    Walking on a cloud right now. Been tight with Jesus for awhile. Getting to know more of Uncle H. Yeah, that’s Holy Spirit for the uninformed. I may write a post on why I call Him Uncle H.

  8. I’m definitely not a good NASCAR fan. I’m not even a bad NASCAR fan. I just don’t like NASCAR. I never understood the appeal of watching a bunch of people drive in circles.

  9. I don’t even know what NASCAR is? Hey, I’m from New York, We race to catch the train, and from thugs, and sometimes even cops. Don’t judge me!

    I’m glad you and Jason met up and had a good time.

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