Playing the Game–A Guest Post

I met Ricky Anderson on-line a while back and have enjoyed getting to know him through his blog and on twitter.  Take a look at this guest post, leave a comment, and go by his site to check out his thoughts on computer stuff, faith, family, and more.
Playing the Game
I never get to eat Pop Tarts.

My wife’s a nurse and doesn’t think they’re healthy.

But the other day, she surprised me and tossed a box of the unfrosted kind into the cart. It felt like Christmas.

Later, as I opened the box, a message caught my eye. On the inside of the box was printed “Sorry. You are not a winner.”

This made me sad. I didn’t even know I was competing!

I hadn’t thought I was a loser until someone else told me so.

That’s kinda how it goes in the world, isn’t it?

The world tells me I’m a hypocrite.

That I can’t think for myself.

That I’ll never succeed.

So it’s good to be reminded that I’m not playing their game.

I’m playing God’s.

Philippians 3:14

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.


25 thoughts on “Playing the Game–A Guest Post

  1. Great stuff. Unfrosted pop tarts are like is like a baby being born with a mustache. It’s still a baby but something just isn’t right.

  2. We had a Pop Tarts Store here in Time Square. They had this machine that would pick and choose and mix Pop Tarts. You would get a fancy box and pay crazy money for it. Again, you lost. That’s the deal with Pop tarts. They Pop, you tart (lose).

    But in Christ… we win! Yes, take that evil Pop Tarts machine. Devil you. You can’t hurt my feelings anymore… Ha!

    *I may have gone overboard with this comment (sorry).

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