Caption Please

This is a picture of me a few years ago when I was at my heaviest weight sitting in a canoe.  It is not a good picture.

Make it better by giving it a caption.  I am not sensitive about my weight, so bring it!

Best caption gets my gratitude and a virtual fist bump (unless Michael Perkins has that type of thing copyrighted)



62 thoughts on “Caption Please

  1. Mad River Canoe – Check!
    Duck Swimming by Creating a Moment – Check!
    Man with tennis shoes, tube socks, and a kids life vest on in a canoe – Priceless!

  2. “… so I saw someone walking on the water, and at first I was like, Jesus? and it wasn’t. It was a real ghost, so I grabbed the paddle and started swinging while yelling, “go to hell, go to hell” then I heard the ghost yelling, “there is no hell, love wins” and it was Rob Bell.”

  3. Okay, I’m glad you said you weren’t sensitive about your weight here because immediately Tommy Boy came to mind:

    “Fat guy in a little boat”

  4. The scene from Tommy Boy where he is yelling at the kids in the sail boat comes to mind but you also look like your showing in for The price is Right.

  5. “you know bob they say you really should take two baptist fishing with ya, cause one will drink all your beer; you mind handing me another one out of the cooler”.

  6. “So, I am not sure what exactly just happened, I think I blacked out at one point. All I remember is there was this duck, right, and he was quacking at me, right, and then I went to kick him with my left leg and he bit it off just below the knee. Look, it’s gone. Now I just have to figure out how to turn this story into a sermon…”

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