They are Waiting–The 24/7 Project

They are waiting

They are waiting

For us
       To Respond
They are waiting.


“They” are the people around the globe who are living in extreme poverty; a poverty so real and so deep that it seems insurmountable.  We are the ones that they are waiting for to respond.  But what can we do when the problem is so large? 

In the next 24 days we can raise $7000.  Let me introduce you to The 24/7 Project.

What is it?

It is a group of bloggers trying to make a difference by supporting Nuru International  .  You may know a few of us:

Seeking Pastor (Matt Cannon)
Randomly Chad (Chad Jones)
From Tolstoy to Tinkerbell (Sarah Bost Askins)
Off the Cuff (K.C. Proctor)
Shawn Smucker (Shawn Smucker)
Jennifer Luitwieler (Jen Luitwieler)
Alise…Write! (Alise Wright)

However, you may not know much about Nuru.  Nuru International is a not-so-well-known organization founded by Christians to help end extreme poverty.  People are described as living in extreme poverty if they live on less than $1.25 a day.  Over 1.4 billion people are living in the condition right now.  To find out more about the vision of Nuru, please take a few minutes to view Jake’s Story.

What can you do?

1.  Pray.  Over the next 24 days (April 1-24) commit to praying for Nuru on a daily basis.

2.  Donate.  After finding out more about them, please consider a charitable donation.  You can do so by going to their  Donations Page.  If you donate, please put “24/7 Project” in the comments box for tracking purposes.

3.  Share Nuru’s Story.  You can do this by “liking” their Facebook page, by following them on  Twitter, and by encouraging others to do the same.

The bloggers listed above will be sharing more about Nuru over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, please consider how you can help. 

We can make a difference. 

YOU can make a difference.

You can start right now.

They are waiting.


10 thoughts on “They are Waiting–The 24/7 Project

    • Please do–and pray/give.

      As for the caption contest–I announced it with a tweet and in the comments. You came in a close 2nd 🙂
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