Caption Contest Monday: Sleepy Baby

 Question: Who loves a caption contest?  Answer: Everybody.  Every Monday I will post a picture and give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and humor by coming up with a caption.  And every Monday I will be giving a virtual fist-bump to the winner.  Have fun and stay safe.  For the previous Caption Contest click HERE. 

Sleepy Baby

This is a picture I took of Mary Hope when she was 18 months old.  I think it needs a caption. 

The winner gets a virtual fist bump and my gratitude.  Yipppeeeeee!

Give it your best shot!


And the winnder of the caption contest is……

who wrote:
“Very smart girl! Had to rest after success in a laborious effort to print a tie for dad!”


30 thoughts on “Caption Contest Monday: Sleepy Baby

  1. Thinking he left Mary Hope by the computer to write Monday’s blogpost, Matt finds her in the middle of the night asleep…. playing Farmville.

  2. The above picture documents a sad trend in ministry – pastors using their children as free labor. Unbelievably, this pastor assumed a pacifier and Mountain Dew constituted adequate compensation. Homeschooled or not, children of the cloth should not be taken advantage of this way, despite their obvious computer skills.

  3. Beta Test Report:

    Successfully completed 17 levels of latest build while sleeping. Increase in difficulty level recommended.

  4. After several successive cans of the vile brew known as “Mello Yellow,” there’s nothing mellow about the yellow in the baby’s drawers! Poor Matt has no hope–because he’s been tapped as the “hazardous waste” disposal guy. In fact, right after this photo was snapped, her Huggies blew up like in that new diaper commercial.

    😉 😉 😉

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