Worthy of Trust

“I don’t trust ham.” 

That’s what Noelle (my 9-year-old) said Saturday night when I offered her a piece of ham during supper.  She said it without a hint of hesitation.  And I laughed.  But on the inside I cried because ham isn’t just another food; it is one of the best tasting foods the world has ever know. 

If food were baseball players, ham would be Albert Pujols.  If food were movies, ham would be Forrest Gump or at the very least Joe Dirt (two movies that are remarkably similar).  Ham is the Peyton Manning of food, the Francis Chan of food, and the Dick Vitale of food all rolled into one. 

The worst thing about losing my job a few years ago was that I would no longer get my yearly “Holiday Ham” at Thanksgiving.  Well, the whole not having a paycheck thing was worse, I suppose.  But not by much. 

Even though it saddened me to hear my daughter proclaim her distrust of ham, I understand why she feels this way.  A couple of years ago at a family gathering, she choked on a piece of ham.  This incident wasn’t long, but it was scary for her and because of it she has been scarred for life.  I doubt that she’ll ever eat ham again because she just doesn’t trust it.

I think I know how she feels.  Here four things that I don’t trust because of past issues:

1.   Plastic patio furniture.  I almost broke my tailbone a few years ago after all four of the legs of a plastic chair I was sitting in exploded in different directions.  Seriously, the legs of the chair ended up in the 4 corners of the room I was sitting in and my rear hurt for a month. 

2.  Waffle House cooks with clean aprons.  Even though Waffle House is my love language, I haven’t spent as much time there in recent years as I would have liked.  While this fact angers my stomach, it thrills my arteries.  Whenever I do get to eat there, I always check out the cook’s apron.  The cleaner the cook the less satisfied the taste buds.

3.  Sandwiches made by other people.  If I had x-ray vision I would use it to make sure there is no mayonnaise on a sandwich before taking a big bite out of it.  The number of sandwiches I have thrown away because of over zealous condiment appliers is ridiculously high. 

4.  Television executives.  I don’t know any of these people personally and I still don’t like them.  They are quick to provide hype for new shows, yet are even quicker to pull the plug on them if they don’t perform as well as expected.  If we treated our food like they treat some of their shows we would all be dead from salmonella. 

Honestly, this is the first time that I have ever sat down to think of things that I don’t trust.  It has been a good exercise mainly because  it has caused me to think about the One that I trust the most.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Trusting Jesus isn’t always the  easiest thing to do nor does it make sense to everyone, but it is still the best thing to do.  Others will disappoint us; others will fail us.

But Jeus….

never falters,

never fails,

never faints.

He is the same now, tomorrow, and forever.

He is worthy of our trust.

The fact that Noelle trusts Jesus completely overwhelms how I feel about her not trusting ham.

No matter how good it tastes.

(What are some things that you don’t trust?  How has trusting Jesus been difficult for you  in the past?  Share away!)


48 thoughts on “Worthy of Trust

  1. Great post… I think “Waffle House is my love language” is one of the funniest lines I have read for a while… I may need to alter it slightly and pass it off as my own when I go home tonight…


    But also a great point made. Where to put your trust is key for us…

  2. I’m getting to where I don’t trust scales, especially when I step on it and it says that I am over 210. Can’t be. I eat right. I cycle. must be someone who has either put more hidden weight somewhere or a gremlin has his foot on it. but i am glad I can trust the One who is trustworthy. and I just decided that because of the aforementioned reason, I no longer trust the labels that say “0 Fat.”

  3. I don’t trust Pepsi, or Oral Surgeons. When I had my molars taken out in high school, the surgeon gave me Pepsi to “calm my stomach” when the antistesia was making me sick. I threw up. Nothing but Pepsi.

    I couldn’t drink that foul pop for 2 years. Still don’t fully trust it.

  4. I don’t trust toilets that flush themselves. The potential for a flush while I’m still going about my business is just too high. I don’t like that.

    My trust of Jesus is far too dependent on other people. What’s funny (well, not funny but horrifying) is that I do NOT want others trust in Jesus to be dependent on me. Yeah.

  5. I think it would be easier to tell you the things I DO trust. I trust in God, and his goodness and love. I trust my husband. I trust my mother. I trust my pastor and his beautiful wife. There isn’t a lot more than that. Sad.

  6. I don’t trust OREO cookies…. a very sneaky teenager scraped the cream off and substituted toothpaste for me to enjoy. never trusted them since.

  7. My ankles. I have rolled them so much over the years. I constantly think about them when I walk around on uneven surfaces and running.

    Trusting God has been tough when I feel like if I can do it all on my own. Bad choice be me. God is always needed!

  8. I don’t trust foamy lattes. They make me gassy.

    Difficult trusting Jesus? Not for my salvation. But there are the occasional moments when he’s silent and I’m confused… so my mind wonders away. Not sure where it goes, but it always comes back. Jesus must have a mind leash or something.

  9. I don’t trust toilet seats…in my own home or in public.

    I have small boys and one grown man who use the same toilet I use at home. ‘Nuf said.

    Also, did you hear about the April Fools’ prank where someone put industrial strength super glue on a toilet in WalMart? Poor fella had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance with a toilet seat glued to his bumm. I’m NOT making this up.

    Since I’ve known Jesus all my life, I don’t know that I have difficulty trusting Him in the traditional sense. I’ve seen His work and I know He’s God. I think what’s harder for me is surrendering-letting go-and fully placing my trust in Him instead of myself. I hope that makes sense.

  10. My mistrust of Him seems so garden-variety when considered in the abstract–sometimes getting out ahead of Him, like I know better–but is always messy in the application. Glad He’s there to pick me up. Lord, I believe–help Thou my unbelief.

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