Good Friday Giving

This is my last post on behalf of the 24/7 Project.  The fact that this post falls on Good Friday makes complete sense to me.  Jesus sacrificed His life to provide both eternal life and abundant life for those who place their trust in Him.  And those who have been redeemed because of His sacrifice are called to sacrifice on behalf of others.

We have been blessed to be a blessing.

Maybe you have been praying for Nuru International.  Maybe you have already donated.  Maybe you have encouraged others to do so, too.  But if not….

You only have a few days left.

A great way to honor the One who gave His life is by giving in order to saves the lives of others.

If you are compelled to do so, please go to their Donations Page.  If you donate, please put “24/7 Project” in the comment box for tracking purposes.

Whether you donate or not, please take time to ponder and give thanks for what Jesus accomplished on the cross som many years ago.  And remember…..

He is risen; He is risen INDEED!


10 thoughts on “Good Friday Giving

  1. Wow… no humor in this one. I’m worried. 🙂

    Thanks Matt, I always enjoy your passion. Come to NYC one day, we can throw pigeons from the roofto…. Oh, pet pigeons.. Yeah that’s right!

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