Caption Contest Monday: Easter Bunny

Question: Who loves a caption contest?  Answer: Everybody.  Every Monday I will post a picture and give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and humor by coming up with a caption.  And every Monday I will be giving a virtual fist-bump to the winner.  Have fun and stay safe.  For the previous Caption Contest click HERE.

Easter Bunny

This a picture from last year of me sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap.  I think it needs a caption. 

The winner gets a virtual fist bump and my gratitude.  Yipppeeeeee!

Give it your best shot!


The winner of the Caption Contest and the recipient of a virtual fist bump is……


He brought the funny times 2–good job, Larry!


40 thoughts on “Caption Contest Monday: Easter Bunny

  1. After raiding the chicken coop together (and apparently a couple of ostrich nests along the way), Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit pose for a picture to celebrate their new alliance.

  2. “Just take the picture already..! If my thigh cramps up and I quit hovering the rabbit ain’t gonna make it.”

  3. The first thing that flashed through my mind upon seeing this is the last seen of the movie, Elf, when Papa Elf wants to hold the baby, and Buddy sits on his lap.

    “Buddy… Buddy” he says in a strained, barely audible, whisper. 😉

    Oh, and watch out for the “treats” that bunny leaves behind–they’re not chocolate!

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