Guest Post at Alise…Write

Today I am guest posting for Alise Wright.  Why?  Because she asked me to and because she is quite possibly the most encouraging person I have met via the internet.  Seriously.  When I was just becoming an every-week-day blogger and when I wasn’t sure what I wrote was worth anyone’s attention–she was there pouring confidence into me. 

While we disagree on a few things, we agree that Jesus, love, and laughter are vital to living a life of joy.

So go on over to her site and read my post–A Laughing Matter.  And while you are there leave a comment and surf around a bit.  She is an outstanding writer who uses humor, wit, and heart to make amazing points.  Definitely worth your time.

I promise that it won’t take long and you’ll be back to watching coverage of the Royal Wedding in no time.


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