Laughing with Mom

Sorry about the video quality and about the fact that the initial picture of me makes it look like I am passing gas.  I’m a first-timer!

(What are some of the ways that your mother made you laugh?  What is one of your favorite family memories?  Share away!)


39 thoughts on “Laughing with Mom

  1. 1) my mom has worked in the blood bank / lab for 43 years. She’s not funny.

    2) is this a trend toward video blogging that I see? Please tell me I don’t have to learn that, too!

    • Sorry about your mom not being funny. 🙂

      As for video blogging–I don’t know if it is a trend or not. I have seen others do it and thought I would give it a try.
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  2. “try not to kill anybody”. Best advice ever!

    Great vlog. You are just like I imagined you… I think! Oh yes, that noggin is huge! Also, those are some furry fists. I don’t think I want to win anymore caption contests.

    Favorite mom memory. When she cooks. Yes, she make some great Colombian food.

  3. My mom is def unintentionally funny. My sister was one time visiting from Ohio and borrowed her car. My mom normally drives around with the gas gauge on empty. She likes to put in $2 of gas. So my sister fills up her car. My mom gets in and goes to get gas. She tries to put gas in the car and it spits it everywhere. She comes home and says, “the gas tanks are broken. I tried to fill my car and it spewed everywhere.” My sis then told her that the gas tank was full. My mom has her doctorate and is a college prof. She is smart but does this type of thing often.

  4. stars and rainbows love it.

    My favorite mothers day memory is when we gave her burial flowers for mothers day. we thought we were being sweet.

  5. Love the Vlog, Matt.

    My mom always seem to make us kids laugh (after the fact, mind you) on April Fools Day. It was/is like her favorite holiday. 🙂

  6. That was indeed very sweet, Matt! What a wonderful mother you have.

    I’ll bet I’m not the only who, when I heard “aTV,” immediately thought AppleTV–I mean why wouldn’t you put that in the living room? It’s so small.

  7. Loved the vlog, Matt! The kaleidoscope story was aces!

    I have TONS of stories like that with my mom. Probably one of my favorites was told to me second hand by my sister.

    My mom and sister were out shopping together and my mom had her head down and walked up to the wall. It had a full sized mirror. She walked up to it and stopped. Moved to the left, then moved to the right. Then said, “Excuse me!” with an attitude. Then she looked up and saw herself. She turned around and said to my sister, “Let’s go”.

    It took my sister a minute to process what happened and then she fell out laughing. She called me immediately laughing so hard that it took her 5 minutes to tell me what happened. She said, “Mom gave herself attitude!”

  8. This is awesome, Matt. So hilarious and heartfelt. Love it.

    Here’s the memory that sticks out to me most. We were playing a charades-like game (guesstures) and it was my mom’s turn. She got stuck on one and we couldn’t figure out what on earth she was trying to act out. Finally, she just kept pointing to my dad–emphatically, more emphatically, and most emphatically. We were stumped completely and when she showed us the card I understood why. The word was ‘polish’ but she had read it “Polish” as in a person from Poland (Stasyszen is a Polish name). Doesn’t sound so hilarious now, but we laughed so hard it hurt. It was awesome.

  9. Love the vlog. Always awesome to put a voice with the words.

    I can’t think of any funny mom stories, though I do laugh with her a lot. But that’s just because *I’m* funny. ;-D

  10. For some reason, even though I know you live in TN, I didn’t expect the Southern accent. You have kind of a Charles Stanley/Adrian Rogers thing going on there. Definitely a good preacher voice!

    My mom never did many funny things. She mostly just laughed at the idiotic things that we all did growing up.

  11. I hadn’t really thought about what your voice would song like before the vlog. My accent is a little less than yours but I make up for it by mumbling more. 😉 We can get together and I’ll do a faux Scottish accent and you give them a faux Australian and we’ll really confuse them!

    All kidding aside, it was nice to put a voice with the face, and you have some really neat memories there. Also, your head is big. Has anyone ever told you that?

  12. I’m late to the party… Great first Vlog! It’s nice to hear and see you live and in-person!

    I enjoyed the stories…I can picture the ATV in the living room! My mom has lots of sayings she has used over the years. My daughter calls them “Nana-isms.” Thanks for sharing. Next time we’re traveling through East TN, I need to stop and have a cup of coffee.

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