It Happens Again

It’s happening again.

Dread invades the
empty spaces and
threatens to break
my will.

It’s happening again.

Elation is
kidnapped by dark
thoughts of failure
and despair.

It’s happening again.

My heart is torn
with doubt that I
will ever again
hear your voice.

And then…

It happens again.



30 thoughts on “It Happens Again

  1. To quote CS Lewis, “here is a beauty that pierces like swords, or burns like cold iron.”

    There is a somber splendor to this piece, Matt. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I like that! I’ve been trying my hand at poetry lately. Have an Easter one up on my blog, and a link to my second one that is on my writing blog (the link is on my blog). This one that you’ve written is similar to one that I’ve been working on the last few days…I’ll have to make sure it’s not the same now, lol!

  3. You may have the “trinity” gift man:

    Gift of humor
    Gift of poetry
    Gift of big head

    Word around town is that there are only 6 human species with those gifts. We should perserve you and lock you in a zoo to save your life man.

    All that to say, you inspire me brother. Thank you, that was beautiful.

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