Awesomely Bad Movies

I met Rob Shepherd on the internets awhile back.  He is a blogger and Director of Community Groups and Students at Waters Edge Church.  He is also a husband and a father to 5-week-old twins who both inexplicably have mustaches (look at his blog post from Mother’s Day for pictures that prove it). 

He is also a guy that needs your help.

Rob asked a few fellow bloggers to help him by sharing which movie they think is the most awesomely bad.  Each of us has nominated an awesomely bad movie (a movie we love that is in reality a terrible movie) and we need you to bounce over to his site to read our nominations and to vote.

So go on over there, take a look, and vote.  And if you vote for my nomination, there may be a virtual fist bump in it for you.  If you think this is a bribe–you’re right!

Click HERE to let your voice be heard.

And while you are there look around a bit and follow him on twitter– @robshep.  Rob’s a funny guy with a big heart.  You won’t be disappointed.

(And while you are here–what is your favorite awesomely bad movie?  Share away!)


30 thoughts on “Awesomely Bad Movies

  1. I accepted your bribe after saying I have not seen either of the three movies. But I said WAB just for your approval. 🙂 I think one of the worst movies I ever saw my mother was raving about (but what do moms know?) “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” Still don’t get it.

  2. Thanks for being a part of this. You would still be awesome if you weren’t but you are extra awesome for doing it. I have a long list of Awesomely Bad movies but The Last Dragon might be my favorite. The main character is named Bruce LeeRoy and he gets the glow. It’s not a disease it’s awesome.

  3. I went to see Vantage Point with my friend Julia when it came out. I actually thought it looked like a good movie. Noooooo, NOT a good movie.

    But it was good for a lot of unintentional laughs.

    Voted for you because Weekend IS the best bad movie of the lot.

  4. I hadn’t seen any of those. Now, for a nominee for movies that are bad, not awesome, but amusing anyway: Transmorphers: Fall of Man (not to be confused with the also bad original). This one stars Shane Van Dyke (Dick van Dyke’s grandson), and also has Bruce Boxleitner along for the ride. Bruce shows his acting ability by putting in a good performance in a badly written movie. But then, Bruce played both Tron and Scarecrow (of & Mrs. King fame), so we know Bruce is awesome.

    Fall of Man is a 2009 prequel to the 2007 Transmorphers. Fall of Man steals from Transformers, Terminator, and Aliens simultaneously, stuffs them in a blender with an extremely confused platypus and then strains out most of the good stuff. It’s illogical, shows a complete lack of understanding of the capability of the military equipment they borrow and standard military operating procedures. And it manages to introduce plot holes related to some of the content of the movie it’s prequeling. The CGI is decent, though not groundbreaking.

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