Just One Question

We have a lot of laughs on this blog. Or at least a few giggles. Or at least a smile or two.  Or at least not any threats of violence.   

But today I want to do something different.

I want to ask you just one question.

How can I pray for you today?

Maybe you are a little hesitant to share this with me and the other people who are a part of this blog community. So I’ll go first.

Please pray that my wife and I will be able to take our kids on the vacation that we have been planning. We have been looking forward to it for several months and our kids have been talking about it and even thanking God in their prayers for letting us have a real vacation this year.

We have free lodging, but due to some recent financial issues and a major vehicle problem that we have to pay for we still may not be able to go.

My kids are young (9, 8, 7, 7, and 3) and therefore are often easily disappointed.  I have grown weary of seeing them this way.

So, please pray that things will work out and we will be able to go.  This may seem insignificant compared to what others are going through, but I am convinced that God wants us to bring what is burdening our hearts to Him no matter how big or how small the issue might seem.

Okay–enough about me.

What about you? How can I pray for you today?

It can be something big. It can be something small. Be transparent and share whatever is burdening your heart.

After all–we are all in this together.


55 thoughts on “Just One Question

  1. As a pastor myself, I feel your pain…especially with the auto problem. I also know how easy it is to disappoint the kids. The last thing we want is for them to grow up bitter toward ministry. I’ll pray for you.

    For me, just remember one of my daughters. My wife and I are burdened for her soul, not to mention her husband and kids.

  2. I stay relatively mum about this stuff on the blog – but we were officially rejected by a major missions organization this week. First phone interview with another one on Monday.

  3. Matt, I pray things work out for your vacation. Keep us posted on the blog. As for me…we just found out that our baby girl has a hernia and has to have surgery. She’s 7 weeks old. We are praying that God heals her.

  4. First: praying for you Matt. I appreciate you honesty.

    For me: We are doing our first major outreach tomorrow. We are giving away clothes, food, and household goods. Praying God sends plenty of people.

  5. Praying for you matt. Thanks for sharing.

    For me (or us): we are decision-making right now about our car-situation. Prayers appreciated. 🙂

  6. I DM’ed you the other day about something going on this morning. I appreciate you lifting that up.

    Also need prayer as we continue to work on the Not Alone book. I’m coming up short on submissions, and that gives me some anxiety. I know that we’ll get what we need and I believe that God is in control, but I admit, I’m still stressed.

    Thanks friend. Will be praying for your family as well.

    • Alise, I promise my submission will be written and sent to you this weekend. Sorry to cut it so close to the deadline. I also told a friend about it so maybe she’ll send you something too! Praying it’ll all work out.

  7. Praying for your family. I know how much time away from ministry to relax and just be together means!

    As for me, long story short: we have a major decisions to make regarding me working and my child’s schooling (they go hand-in-hand), and I want to make the right choice without causing disharmony or hurt feelings in the church/community where my husband (the pastor) and our family ministers. Pray for wisdom…and thanks for asking!

  8. Thanks Matt. Praying for you too.

    My grandfather died on Wednesday morning and we are heading down for the funeral this weekend. He was a great man, pastor, disciple, church planter, husband of 59yrs, father of 4, grandfather of 16, great grandfather of 5 — the patriarch of the family. Pray for my family and for grandma especially. We are rejoicing (his entering into paradise) and mourning (our loss this side of eternity).

  9. You know I pray for you, dude. I don’t know how much it helps but I do. 😉

    As for me, just pray that God provides wisdom to discern His next step for us. And to provide for us since I don’t have a job.

  10. Oh, I so want to see you go on that vacation. I’ll be praying “hard” for that Matt. You and your family deserve it.

    As for me? I’m thinking of moving on from my job, but I don’t want to make a stupid decision and have it backfire on me. Need wisdom and direction.

    Thanks Matt!

  11. Matt, I will be praying for you. Your online friendship has meant so much to me. I trust the Lord will provide for you and your family according to His loving will and gracious kindness.

    As for me, this morning marks an answer to prayer: I’ve got a guest post up at Bryan Allain’s blog. Considering where I came from, and some my early interactions with folks, this really is a God thing. I give Him the glory.

    If you could, please remember my wife, Lisa, and I, when at your prayers, as we’re both dealing with sleep issues, and some health problems. Thanks!

    • I appreciate your friendship as well and appreciate your prayers. Will be praying for you and your wife–that your issues will be resolved.

      Congrats on the guest post. Haven’t had a chance to view it yet–but I bet it’s great.
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  12. Next week my family and I will be driving a lot for vacation. Pray that the Lord will watch over us.
    Also, we will be moving in a month or so and have so much to do. At some times it seems overwhelming…

    Thanks Matt!

  13. i am indesperate need of a car money my marriage and whole family thing to work out and for my anxiety to quit actin up and for people to help with my ministry

  14. Praying that your family gets that vacation Matt. God can make it happen!

    My wife and I are starting work on our Master’s degrees next month so we need prayer that we will be able to balance our time.

    Also, praying for wisdom and God’s direction for the future. He has closed a few doors recently but we are praying for more open ones!

  15. Vacations are definitely worthy of prayers. We all need times to recharge and refresh. I’ll be praying!

    As for me, I’m contemplating some big changes careerwise that aren’t going to necessarily make sense to a lot of people but will ultimately get me where I want to go (I think/hope/pray.) Please pray for wisdom and patience in the meantime.

  16. Will definitely be praying for your family vacation.

    I need prayer to finish the last 9 days of the MBA strong and live to tell the tail. I’m starting to feel physically ill with stress.

  17. I have prayed for your vacation, and will continue to do so. Praying for others’ requests as well.

    As for me, I can always use prayer for a full time teaching job (in elementary grades), and wisdom about possibly having to go elsewhere for work. With regard to going elsewhere (I have a specific place in mind), I would like to know beyond a shadow of a doubt if that is what and where God wants me to go, because the entire process would cost a LOT, and I certainly don’t have anywhere near the funds that would be needed. Hope that all makes sense…

  18. Will be praying for your family vacation.

    My request is just for clarity. I’m in this transition stage of life right now, and a lot of decision will have to be made in the near future.


  19. For the first time in my 36 years, I will be without health insurance as of June 1. My husband’s employer raised the rates for a family to over $900 a month. He will still be covered, because they pay for most of the employee’s premiums, but none of the family’s. Please pray that I find coverage for myself that is affordable. (I am looking at 2 options right now)

  20. Definitely praying for you Matt!

    As for me: Guidance, in everything. I’ve been so just worn out on the circumstances in my life (no decent paying job, barely getting by, and not even finding myself in a place to meet single ladies) that I’m looking for every opportunity to get out of here. Struggling to understand why I can’t seem to have the basics in life – a good job and a family.

    • Thanks Jason.

      Will be praying for you, too. You are in a tough spot, but you continue trying to honor God. I appreciate that about you.
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  21. I gave up my career to become a pastor, then my wife got sick. really sick with a mental illness. She hasn’t worked since, and will likely never work again. Over the years she has got a bit better, to the extent that two years ago we had a baby girl. Things got even better, and now we are about to have our second girl (in 12 days or so!)

    The trouble is that she had a lot of debt when she took unwell, debt that I took on for her when she couldn’t work. At the worst moment I was working 4 jobs to cover all her debts (I had some of my own too) and keep us afloat.

    For a long time I averaged about three hours sleep a night, not because I couldn’t sleep, but because I was working. Earlier this year I came very close to having a breakdown. It was only because of the intervention of some good friends that I was saved from it. I now have just one job and my health has returned to me. But to cover the debts my wife has had to declare herself bankrupt. The bankruptcy was processed and completed at the end of last month. Because of this our bank account has been shut down this past week, and we currently have no access to our money,

    We are days away from having a baby and find ourselves with no access to our money, no bank account at the moment, and our car is playing up and may be on its last legs…

    I know things can be fixed, but the stress of all of this is not good for my wife, she needs calm and stability in order to remain healthy.

    Pray for us, if you get the time.

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