Caption Contest Monday: Band Geek

Question: Who loves a caption contest?  Answer: Everybody.  Every Monday I will post a picture and give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and humor by coming up with a caption.  And every Monday I will be giving a virtual fist-bump to the winner.  Have fun and stay safe.  For the previous Caption Contest click HERE.

Band Geek

I'm the guy sitting next to the Tuba player with a French Horn on my lap
I was in the Carter High School Band for three years during high school.  I played the Mellophone in the marching band and the French Horn in the concert band. The picture that this is a portion of was taken either before or after a concert band competion during my Sophomore year.
I don’t mind being called a band geek; I look back on the experience as being one of the most enjoyable times of my teenage years. We were a group of individuals united for a common purpose.  In spite of our differences, we worked together and even became friends.
But I have to admit, that is a pretty goofy picture.
So–give me a caption for it.
The winner receives my thanks and a virtual fist bump.
Have fun and stay safe.
The winner of the caption contest and recipient of a virtual fist bump is….

“I’m gonna kill the jerk who said by playing French Horn I’d be surrounded by girls all the time.”


34 thoughts on “Caption Contest Monday: Band Geek

  1. “The cast of Glee is going old school this week, doing a marching band verison of Pour some suger on me by Def Leppard”

  2. Matt, “Hey, look I have a horny instrument in my lap, get it? horny? horny?”

    Other guy: Looks at Matt weird and screams at him

    Matt runs away leaving his horn and cries in the band locker room, which happens to have a shower (not sure why?).

  3. All out of creative juice to think of a caption, but I just have to say… my son plays French horn in the band, and mellophone in the marching band. So I feel some affinity here…. Okay, I’ll just be quiet now.

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