Average Folks

Welcome to Day #1 of Guest Post-A-Palooza! Kicking off this week of guest posts is Mauricio (Moe) Vivas who writes awesome posts about God, faith, and life at Beta Christian. Moe lives in New York, but don’t hold that against him. He is a husband, father, and son of God. And it appears that he likes coffee. Check out this post about being average, head over to his blog to read more of his writing, and follow him on Twitter!
Average Folks
I never got it as a child. Why would a superhero like Superman keep his identity secret? When he wasn’t saving the world, he became an average fella working in an office as a newspaper reporter. Then I saw it again in Batman. This time, he was a rich guy with a huge mansion and hid his identity from his loved ones. These guys are superheroes for crying out loud. 
Unlike them, I grew up with ideas of becoming a man of much fame and fortune. Someone people would talk about and will line up to see and shake my hand. But that didn’t happen. I became an average guy. Just another person walking in the streets of New York City. No fame, no glory.
Shortly after God saving me, I started to play close attention to Biblical characters. We have these great people in the Bible who did great things and they didn’t have to hide under another identity. Everybody knew Noah was Noah. He wasn’t Noah one day and then become Ace Ventura Pet Detective another. He was always Noah. So was Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and all the others that came after them. 
We honor these folks as if they have some special gift and hold some special secret to their “hidden” powers.
There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. – John 1:6 KJV
Yes, we know him as the guy who ate locust and honey and called those religious dudes “whitewashed tombs”. Yes, he said some things that cost him his head. Yes, he had the honor of preparing the way for the Master. But he was just a simple fella just like you and I.
Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months.James 5:17
Elijah had some influence. But the Bible tells us he was just a simple guy with nature (passions in KJV) just like us. He didn’t have some secret powers that allowed him to do the things that he did. He was no different than you or I. He put his pants on one foot at a time just like… ehh, never mind. You get the idea.
Oh, but John the Baptist was different, he was a great man, He was known as the greatest prophet. Yes, you are right, but even then, the bible says:
among those born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist; but he who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.”Luke 7:28 
Did you get that? 
These “great men” weren’t very special in and of themselves. What made the so special and so influential was the God that moved in them. Their lives were a testimony of the God they served, not themselves. Take away God from their lives and they pick their nose and come out with a booger the same color as yours. 
The least in the kingdom is greater than he! You know who’s the least in the kingdom? Take a look in the mirror, you are the least in the kingdom… and as a result you are greater than John the Baptist.
The least in the kingdom are the average folks, doing great things, by the power of our God. And for doing that, they become great.
There is no telling how much power God can put into a man.”—C.H. Spurgeon
Who is/was your favorite superhero?
How does God move you to do great things in such a simple package?

61 thoughts on “Average Folks

  1. Favorite superhero (other than myself, of course. ha) would be Batman… then John Wayne – oh wait… no, he counts. 😉

    • LOL. That shield does wonders! Plus, he’s the first Avenger.

      As for me being a superhero. Every body knows I am the Hulk. (smashes keyboard and rips pants with super fart).

  2. Love that verse in James. I think people always misconceptions that these great people that we read about have special powers, but they’re just like us!

    God moves me towards great things when I realize my God given identity. So that it no longer is about me, but Him in me.

    Favorite superhero is hands down Batman, which was fueled, by The Dark Knight, which is one of, if not, the best superhero ever made.

    • Take away God and they are just as “boring” as anybody else. God makes us less boring, and kind of Super. 🙂

      Batman is cool. He never kills.

  3. Batman, no doubt. Yes, he had money and resources, but he was a normal dude.

    Love that Spurgeon quote. I’m amazed at some of the things God does through us.

    • It’s funny you mentioned Batman, because when I see your avatar, you look just like the joker. LOL.

      Personalize it Dustin. The things that God does through “Me”!

  4. “These ‘great men”’weren’t very special in and of themselves. What made the so special and so influential was the God that moved in them. Their lives were a testimony of the God they served, not themselves.”

    That’s money right there.

    You asked:
    Who is/was your favorite superhero?

    How does God move you to do great things in such a simple package?

    1. Hands down: THOR. Yes, he’s a pagan god, but what can I say? In my comic collection, THOR is my jewel. The movie wasn’t awful, either, even if it did have Natalie Portman in it. (Sorry, at certain angles she looks like a female version of Skeletor.)

    2. Moe, I have NO IDEA how He does what He does through me and in me. No joke. I simply marvel at it all and keep my eyes focused straight ahead. He takes care of everything else!

    Nice to see you making the rounds at other blogs. I’m still wishing to do a tag-team on the disease of rogue fatherhood and its effects on us as a creation.

    • Thor is awesome! Plus, he got those pretty goldy locks. Wait what?

      I agree with you. Not sure how we get to do what we do in the way that we do it. The power of the Spirit no doubt. He’s awesome like that!

      We are getting there my friend. We’ll talk about that.

  5. Superman is the only real superhero. Hands down. He can fly, shoot fire from his eyes, look through walls (among other things), hear conversations on the other side of the planet AND is in love with a spunky reporter. What can top that?!

  6. My favorite superhero was always Batman. He’s dark and mysterious and rich and has cool toys.

    I love it when God uses ordinary people to do great things. Happens all the time in my church when I see a handful of volunteers make huge impacts for Christ.

    • The tick? Really? Hmm, unique perspective. As for you doing something great. Look deeper and harder my friend. You are looking at it the wrong way. I bet if you do, you’ll find plenty there. I can tell you what it is, but that’s no fun.

  7. Wow, no love for The Green Lantern? I always liked the the background for him. An ordinary guy, doing the best he can, who is selected to join an elite group of heroes and defend the universe. I never realized it before, but one could draw quite a few Biblical analogies from that, I’d wager.

    Personally, I’ve seen lately that God uses me to show care and compassion to his people, regardless of their circumstances. My own past is far from spotless, so I have a hard time judging anyone, regardless of where they are in life.

    • Though I think Hal Jordan is a great “Green Lantern” name. I would say “Logan” is also a great name for Green Lantern. Whenever you preach that sermon and how it applies to us, I would love to hear it.

  8. Spidey!

    I loved this, Moe. This is such a needed message because we live in the comparison generation. Look at this person, look at this church, look at this business, look what he/she’s got. It’s so much more than I’ll ever have or be able to do.

    But we’re all valuable and we all have a measure of influence that God has given us. If we’re faithful in the little, He’ll use it for His glory!

    • Hmm, I always thought you were more of a Batman type of guy. You think you know someone.

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree that we live in a “dog eat dog” society. I love that Christ brought up the example of who really is the greatest. It’s not what I see today in culture for sure.

  9. Abe Sapien from Hellboy! That dude is cool. Plus he can chill out under water and not come up for air.

    His word moves me to action – action that displays my faith. Otherwise my faith is just a bunch of recycled words.

    Sweet words my bro!

    • I never watched any of the Hellboy movies. I have a friend that loves him.

      As for your faith moving you to action? That’s a win right there!

  10. I don’t think I have any super heroes that are my favorite – but if you’re talking about great people who ARE heroes – it would have to be Esther and Ruth of the Bible – and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    • You go you superhero you! You can tie them up with your super lasso. Just don’t share with anyone. Apparently it’s “illegal” to do that. Psst!!!

  11. Wow. I REALLY enjoyed that. The booger part made me turn red, but what else is new? I love that you took the perceived hierarchy of social status/Godliness status and smacked it in the face. You rock. #fistbump

    • Why would a green, slimy booger make you turn red. Unless you also had a bloody nose and the green slimy booger with red blood mixed to turn your red.

      Just saying!

  12. As many others have mentioned, Spiderman! I just loved that he is a completely normal, average dude with all kinds of insecurities, called to save the world with the city with the power that he did not ask for or do anything to get.

    God moves me to do great things by simply telling me to do them, and promising me that He will qualify me to do the job AND act on my behalf when I just don’t know what to do or say. This is particularly important in the counseling world when my words could literally make or break someone’s life, when they’re on the verge of killing themselves. It’s a really scary thing, so I have to depend on Him to give me the words.

    • Spiderman is a kid who is broke, single and yet gets to save the city! Good perspective.

      As far as you doing great things, you brought up a very important point. Often times we don’t know what to do with someone’s brokenness and when they need a word of hope. I often find the spirit leads us to pray and say words that inspire and give God a chance in those situations. Thank you for sharing that Keri.

    • Hmm, you know who always says they are not fans of Superheroes? Superheroes! I’m on to you Joseph! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Joseph. Much appreciate it.

  13. I’m thinking Rogue mainly cause I’d like to think I can rock that silver streak, and also being able to suck the life out of someone by mere touch equals one word: AWWEEESOME!

  14. Same color booger, huh? Never thought of it that way.

    I would have to say it’s a toss-up between Spider Man and Iron Man. I’ve always wanted to be able to scale the side of a building like that and swing from a strand of web. I like Iron Man because he doesn’t have “super powers”…he’s just using technology to accomplish his feats of super-heroism!

  15. Wonderwoman. I always loved the laso of truth. The idea of catching a villain in their web of lies is cool to me. Of course you might catch me watching anything old school on cartoon network or the hub. He-man (although I never did get who grayskull was and where he got his so-called power came from)

    Fun anecdote : our 4yr old son and 7yr old daughter start fighting over what superhero they are …after ironman, hulk, spiderman were thrown around, 4 yr old gets up and says “Well I’m GOD!, I win!”

  16. Superhero – Superman.

    God moves me to do great things by showing me “glimpses” of His work through me, which strengthens my trust. Being completely honest, without seeing any sort of fruits, it would be much more difficult.

    Of course, all glory and honor to Him!

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