Caption Contest Monday: A Picture from the Toilet

Question: Who loves a caption contest?  Answer: Everybody.  Every Monday I will post a picture and give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and humor by coming up with a caption.  And every Monday I will be giving a virtual fist-bump to the winner.  Have fun and stay safe.  For the previous Caption Contest click HERE.

A Picture from the Toilet

Expect who?

So I went into a restaurant’s restroom on Saturday night to take care of some business.

When I looked at the toilet paper dispenser I saw this: Expect Us 11/5/13.

I didn’t know whether to be terrified or overjoyed or confused.

Maybe you can help me with a caption. Fill in the blanks:

“We are __________________ and we are coming to __________________________.”

The winner will receive my thanks and a virtual fist bump.

Have fun and stay safe.


The winner of this week’s contest and recipient of a virtual fist bump is…

Larry Hehn!

“We are the Extreme Custodians of Jersey Shore and we are coming to your reality TV screen in 2013. Move over, Snooki. We have a real Situation.”

32 thoughts on “Caption Contest Monday: A Picture from the Toilet

  1. I just can’t get over the part about you taking that pic while on the toilet! For some reason that thought has frozen all creativity! LOL!

  2. We are Aerosmith and we are launching our world tour in 2013 from this stall.

    “Our Careers are in the Toilet” World Tour 2013!
    (by world tour we mean limited playing time in various Denny’s resturaunts)

  3. We are the Alien Toilet Paper droids – and we are coming to take back what is rightfully ours 11/5/13 – you have been warned. Do what you need to do until then – as you were.

  4. We are the makers of Ex-Lax and we are coming to help out. If you’ve been sitting here, until this date, chances are you’ll need our assistance.

  5. National Treasure: Quest for the Golden Throne. Coming to theaters 11/15/13. Expect us.

    New Mucinex. 11/15/13–Expectorate us.


    Besides, it’s just clever misdirection anyway. Everyone knows there will be no “2013”–because the world is going into the crapper next year!

  6. we are anonymous we are coming to lead your revolution..btw will be the 5th of november in washington…Remember remember the fifth of November
    Gunpowder, treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
    Should ever be forgot…

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