Knowing Your Real Dream

This is a somewhat complete and accurate re-telling of the conversation I had with Mary Hope (3-years-old) after she woke up from a long nap yesterday:

Me: Did you sleep good?

MH: Yesh.

Me: Did you have any dreams?

MH: Yesh.

Me: What did you dream about?

MH: I dunno.

Me: Did you dream about butterflies?

MH: Yesh.

Me: Did you dream about unicorns?

MH: Yesh.

Me: Did you dream about Larry Bird winning the 3 point shooting contest?

MH: Yesh.

Me: Did you dream about the episode of The Cosby Show when Theo got his ear pierced?

MH: Yesh.

Me: Did you dream about how Ronald Reagan whooped poor Walter Mondale in the 1984 presidential election?

MH: Yesh.

Me: Did you dream about Social Security being available to you when you retire someday?

MH: Yesh.

Me: Did you dream about teflon?

MH: Yesh.

This conversation went on a little longer, but you get the idea. She really didn’t dream any of those things; she was just saying yes to any idea that I put out there.

It seems like this same kind of thing sometimes happens to my dreams, too. Occasionally I lose sight of my dreams. The goals that excite my heart get lost in the craziness of my life. 

While being unsure of my dreams I hear the dreams of others and think that their dreams might be my dreams. My mind starts racing and everything I think of seems like a good idea.

Pretty soon I am mentally saying “yesh” to every possible dream that I can imagine. And when I say “yes” to every dream I am essentially saying “no” to all of them.

The dreams that drive us are too important for us to lose in the midst of our often chaotic lives. If you have a dream, hold on to it. I you are unsure of what your dream is, search for it.

Dreams are essential if we are to reach our full potential.

What’s the weirdest nighttime dream you’ve ever had (that you can share on a PG blog)?

Do you have a dream that drives you?

49 thoughts on “Knowing Your Real Dream

  1. I’m too old to remember my weirdest dream. Now, I hit the pillow and am pretty much out of it until the alarm goes off. Problem is: at my age, when I have a dream I have trouble remembering it when i wake up. 🙂 My dream at one time was to ride cross country on my bike with some friends. Time, age, cost and a few other things have pretty well nailed that to the wall. My dream now is to live out my days well.

  2. Whoa, that’s some of the greatest perspective on this I’ve seen. I LOVE this Mr. Cannon.

    And yeah, my dream is to inspire other dreamers. My dream is to do that by helping people establish their identity in Jesus and then begin to link up His dreams and make them their dreams.

    • Thanks, Tony. Good dream, too. It’s often difficult to help people see the need to make Jesus’ dreams their own. But the things that are impossible with men are possible with God.

  3. I have a pretty creative mind, so weird dreams are kind of the norm for me. Some of my favorites are the time Canada invaded the USA and held me hostage in a mansion, the time my friends and I went on a crime spree just for the heck of it, and the re-creation of “The Fugitive,” only with Harrison Ford as a werewolf (just had that one last night).

    My dream is for people to fully understand the grace that they have as children of God. Jesus said “My grace is sufficient for you,” but I don’t think many people really believe that on a deep, experiential level (honestly, I’m not sure I do either).

  4. I often have this awful dream that I am back in High School and can’t remember my locker combination so I am late to English class. Sometimes I don’t have any pants on. So strange. And stressful.

    My dream is to work in missions. I dream of taking the Gospel to the world, anywhere God leads me. Right now I feel so far away from that dream but I’m hoping that the dream comes true.

  5. I had a dream just the other night where I was at a U of Alabama football game. (Not a fan, go FSU!) I was seated in the back of the endzone about 10 rows. When Bama got down to score the QB kept throwing the ball right to me in the stands. I caught at least 12. I had a pile of balls right beside me. Then Greg McElroy came and talked to me. And My brother was there who is a Bama fan. SO, maybe my dream is to go play wide receiver at the University of Alabama. Headlines: 25 year old blogger makes Bama football team. I could run a 4.4 second 40 yard dash with a little training I think…

  6. I have a recurring nightmare that I missed my French IV final in high school and unless I can pass a final exam in French, they (whoever that is) are going to take away all degrees and hours I’ve earned since then. The only French I can remember is Tu parles francais comme une vache espagnole (you speak French like a Spanish cow)

    I dream of a world without slavery.

    • Good dream–the 2nd one not the first one 🙂

      When we visited Monticello on vacation, I had to explain to my kids what slavery is. Broke my heart.
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  7. I have way to many weird dreams. A couple I can remember (and both dreams I’ve had twice) are from when I was little (the first time) and again in my late teens. Both were cartoons, one the Flintstones and the other Scooby Doo. I was myself, but the rest of the characters were their cartoon selves. The Flintstones one had Fred die and be put in a body bag. Everyone was upset and when I got there I asked what happened. They told me about Fred, and when I looked at the bag, it started moving. It opened up and Fred popped up and asked what was going on. It turned out that he had been sleeping in his hammock so soundly and everyone thought he’d died. But he hadn’t. The Scooby Doo one was just me joining in on one of their adventures. I don’t have enough room to mention the other ones I’ve had….and I’m sure no one cares to read about them anyway, lol.

  8. I can’t reveal my dreams in public because you want them PG. Let’s just say I have a great one involving Salma Hayek, Gwen Stefani, a nail gun, Brad Pitt’s barber and sixty cases of chipped beef.

    As for my dream…well…it’s pretty obvious if you read my blog what I’m wanting to do! 🙂

  9. This is an interesting post – and I’m glad you brought it up. There has been a lot of talk lately about following your dreams, having your dream job, etc. And for ME, rather than inspire me, I’ve found myself becoming more and more discontent. It’s sort of like, I was ok with everything until it was pointed out that maybe I wasn’t following my dreams (and I mean career-wise). Now, instead of being able to identify and work towards that goal, I’m just…. miserable at work, thinking I’m supposed to be doing something else because this isn’t my dream. Even though I have no idea what that is. (Sorry to be a downer.)

    • There needs to be a book written about how it is fine to work a regular job, be a good citizen, and take care of your family. But it probably wouldn’t sell very well. Sorry that this stuff has caused you to become miserable. Some of the happiest people I know are people with simple jobs who love God and try to help others along the way.

  10. I have so many. One was that I had a conversation with my “estranged” friend and was able to get some answers I needed. I guess that’s a dream that drives me – making peace with those that are lost to me.

  11. I can have some pretty messed up dreams. And by messed up, I mean weird. Crazy weird. I also get the whole, in school without pants or shoes on, or forgetting my locker combo or getting lost in a business building. And of course some not so PG-blog friendly dreams. I’m almost 31 and I’m single. It happens.

    As for my dream – I’m not quite sure how it will shape up, but somehow impacting youth, young adults and university students around the world. I plan on going through quite a few passports in my life.

  12. I once had a dream that I was sleeping in a tree with monkeys. I know weird. But you asked.

    What is my dream? My dream is to tell people that they can be themselves in front of God and man. I find God does His best work when people are real and transparent. This may frustrate the religious, but never God and never true disciples. I also like to provide tools and/or resources to allow people to communicate in an effective matter.

  13. My weird dreams are long and involved so I won’t recount them here. I love what you said though. When we get sidetracked, we can chase after someone else’s dream thinking it is ours. Great post, Matt. Thanks!

  14. This was an awesome post Matt. Like so much good stuff here. I on of those people that is still searching.

    Weirdest nightmare dream–one time I seriously thought some robbers came into our hose and was taking my family and I hostage. I woke up in a start….

  15. I had a reoccuring nightmare when I was like 7 or 8 years old. It went on for weeks.

    From what I can remember, it centered around a lake… and at the other end of the lake was this creature that was trying to get me. I don’t remember what it looked like, but I remember it’s name. It’s name was “NOOOOOOO”.

    Weird, yes. And yes, I specifically remember it had six (6) “O’s”.

  16. Ok so the Theo getting his ear pierced is my favorite episode of The Cosby Show. Just had to say that. Just found your blog and am enjoying myself. Thanks for the laughs, as well as the truth.

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