Trapped, Pounded, Longing, Ready

Trapped. There is no escape for the one
who desires release from the constant barrage
of darts that pierce the hidden parts.

Pounded. Day after excruciating day, the man
who only hates one other desires to stop the
madness, only to find it unstoppable.

Longing. Sacred texts proclaim freedom to
the oppressed once the curtain is lifted,
providing a sliver of hope served cold.

Ready. For the unknown to become known, the
one bound must break free from he who binds
and degrades, who are one and the same.


I wrote this poem a few years ago. It helped me to realize that in many ways I was my own worst enemy. It also helped me to open up about hidden pains.

Thankfully God was faithful to me, patient with me, and willing to shower me with grace.

If you are in the place that I was in then, please know that what happened to me can happen to you. You can have joy and peace.

Because God is still able to make beautiful things out of our brokenness.


18 thoughts on “Trapped, Pounded, Longing, Ready

  1. Great work! Like Cindy, I can relate. I have also been thinking and wondering if God isn’t trying to break me, humble me or something…to get me to a point where all I have is Him to rely on. I don’t know whether or not this is what He’s doing, but I have been wondering if it might be…

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