Defeating Team Goliath

When I played Jr. Pro basketball as a youngster I was often picked for the All-Star team at the end of the year. There was no question as to why–it was because I was taller than everyone else.

Fast-forward a quarter of a century or so and I am a part of a different kind of All-Star team.

My friend Ricky Anderson and a chump named Rob each picked 5 bloggers to take part in their First Annual Blogging All Star Challenge. And you to get to vote for which team you think is the best! 

Artwork by the amazing Wes Molebash -

Team Ricky–or The Team Most Likely to Communicate Back With You Compared to the Competition (TTMLTCBWYCTTC)–consists of me and four of the best bloggers around. How I ended up on a team this amazing is a complete mystery.

We have Knox McCoy–a man who is able to write about The Bachelorette without losing his man card by virtue of his supremely masculine name. We have Tyler Tarver–a guy so hyperactive that crack addicted squirrels think he needs to tone it down a little. We have Leanne Shirtliffe–a Canadian woman who possesses both wisdom and wit (sort of like a female Alan Thicke). And we have Scott Moore–a guy who I am told loves to yodel–or not.

With such an amazing line-up, Team Ricky is a sure bet to take the crown. Right?


Team Rob is stocked with some of the biggest names in the blogosphere. Jon Acuff, Scott Williams, Bryan Allain, Tyler Stanton, and Steven Furtick. Or as I like to call them–Team Goliath.

And there is only one way that our team can smash their skulls in with a stone and then cut off their heads (figuratively speaking, of course).

We need your help. Go HERE and vote for Team Ricky.

We are counting on you!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
Why do you think I got drafted–was it my stunning good looks or my gargantuan size?


54 thoughts on “Defeating Team Goliath

  1. Can we vote more than once?! :]

    And some of these bloggers I’ve never heard of before… so I’ll be stalking their sites for the next couple of days.

  2. You and Mccoy are two of my faves. You know I had to throw in a vote for #TeamRicky

    Furtick & Williams seem kinda like oddball choices for a mostly humor blogger competition. Maybe he should have gone with Tripp Crosby & Sharideth Smith.

  3. If I’m being honest….I don’t know the other four on your team. I voted for you because after what happened at Elevation Church to that special needs family I can’t vote for Furtick. 🙂

  4. Well, as a feminist, I feel like I’m pretty much obligated to vote for the team with a girl on it. Plus, as a resident of Awesometown, how can I not vote for the mayor?

    Plus, one of my all-time favorite guest posters (the gracious host) is on Team Ricky. That’s like…all the reason that I need.

    Best of luck!

  5. your caricature looks far too formidable for me to say no. That and Jon Acuff looks too much like Steven Furtick for me to believe that’s not just Formal Jon Acuff. That’s cheating.

  6. I dunno man. I read both of Acuff’s blogs every day. He’s like my blogging man-crush. But I’ll give you the vote because you actually do talk back =D

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