Caption Contest Monday: At the Lake

Question: Who loves a caption contest?  Answer: Everybody.  Every Monday I will post a picture and give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and humor by coming up with a caption.  And every Monday I will be giving a virtual fist-bump to the winner.  Have fun and stay safe.  For the previous Caption Contest click HERE.

At the Lake

This is a picure of me in the lake. I’ll admit–it is a strange one.

Even stranger–I have no idea what I was doing or what I was talking about.

Maybe you can help.

Give me a caption to help me figure out what was going on.

And remember–this is a family-friendly blog, so keep in clean.

Winner gets my gratitude and a virtual fist bump!

Have fun and stay safe!


The winner of the caption contest and recipient of a virtual  fist bump is…..




30 thoughts on “Caption Contest Monday: At the Lake

  1. “It was this big, y’all, and it done swum right ‘twixt my legs. I’ll tell you what, all 6’7” of me come flying up this high above that water when that done happened. Ain’t never been so close to a Water Moccasin afore.”

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