In Ten Years

On the way home from work a couple of nights ago, I was given a mental picture that made tears flow from my eyes. Though it makes some people nervous, I suppose it could even be called a vision. Whatever it was, I believe that it came from God.

The picture that I received was of my children ten years from now.

Noelle was 19, one year removed from high school, probably dating some guy that I am having trouble trusting. Is she in college? Is she striving to fulfill her dreams? Does she still feel comfortable sharing those dreams with her Daddy? Does she still know how much I love her? I hope her life is filled with joy.

Bradley was 18, a new high school graduate. It wasn’t easy for him, but he made it through. Was he able to find a positive outlet for his creative energy? Does he feel good about himself, about what he has accomplished? What does the future hold for him? I pray that he knows how special he is and how much I care about him.

Jonathan was 17, a senior in high school. Is he still as helpful as he was as a child? Did he continue playing sports? Has his stubbornness been honed into a tool that will propel him into a future of amazing potential? Does he still laugh at the silliest things? Does he still like passing football with his old man? I hope so. And I hope he knows how proud I am of him.

Matthew was 17 and a high school senior, too. Has he grown weary of having to work so hard to keep up with other kids his age? Or has his zest for life kept increasing? Does he still have that same infectious smile? How are his feet and his legs–are they still strong? I remember seeing him as a baby and wondering if he was going to make it and now–now he’s almost an adult. To God be the glory!

Mary Hope was 13 and in the eighth grade.  She was the baby–and she still is even though she no longer looks like it. Her eyes are still big and brown and her laughter is still full and free. Does she still want to be around her Daddy even through she has entered those strange teenage years? What is she interested in? What does she want to do with her life? Does she remember falling asleep on my lap night after night just 10 short years ago? Probably not, but I remember those nights and miss them terribly.

Ten years really isn’t a long time. The years will come and go far quickly than I could ever imagine. Will my children look like I pictured them? Whether they do or not really isn’t important as long as they know that they are loved by their Mommy, their Daddy, and our God.

I am thankful for the vision that I was given because it has caused me to evaluate how I am leading them, how I am loving them, and how I showing them Jesus as they journey through their lives.

May God continue to bless my children and give me the ability to help them for as long as I can.

Where do you see you and your family in ten years?
Have you ever had a vision similar to mine that moved you deeply?


27 thoughts on “In Ten Years

  1. Honestly, I haven’t thought ten years ahead with my family. We’ve kind of focused on surviving the now and leaving the rest to Him.

    Your dream is crazy awesome, dude.

  2. 10 years is too far down the road to see where my family is….
    As it stands right now, I see my 7 year old niece either married and being a household mother and wife.
    And I see my 9 year old niece hacking into computers just like John Connor in Terminator 2….
    As for myself?
    I see myself sitting at this old beat up computer commenting on your new blog of the day….
    PRAY FOR ME, PRAY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. In 10 years I hope I can see with my regular eyes (I will be 68 then). My wife and I will be celebrating our 48th year of marriage. I see my oldest still teaching, but not sure if it will be here or overseas. I see my youngest busy raising her 15 year old son and getting frazzled even more. I pray my 5 year old grandson will have a heart that seeks God and not struggling with his faith like his father. Oh, I see myself still preaching.

  4. My oldest will be 29 and likely married with children. He will have an excellent job and be quite successful, but will he let that distract him from his family? or worse God?

    My middle child will be 28. He might be married as well, although his work for a non-profit organization will keep his income low. Maybe she’ll be in the ministry and work alongside him.

    My youngest will be 27. She will be married and teaching high school drama. She will be having the time of her life. But will she learn to that being pleasing to others and to God is far more fulfilling than pleasing herself?

    Thanks for the time-travel…it was fun.

  5. This is a beautiful perspective. I hope that in 10 years, I can still see my family be as close as we are today. We are always together, playing, fighting, wrestling and just plain having fun and loving God.

  6. There was this moment about 2 years ago when I had the most bizarre experience.

    I was sitting at the kitchen table studying while my family was in the living room. E.J. (2) was looking at a book and I.M. (7) was looking at a book. I blinked and suddenly E.J. was 12 and reading a magazine and I.M. was 17 and headed out the door w/ a backpack.

    it kind of blew me away and is a reminder to appreciate the now.

  7. Loved the vision. They all have the opportunity for good and positive things in life. I love your children so very much and you had me wiping tears away, too. The part I liked the best was your love for them and expectations from a precious father. Your ability to think 10 years ahead is great. I don’t think I could do that when mine were small, but it is important and the time a lot shorter than you can imagine.

  8. Ethan will be a jr in HS. And I pray he still has a way of lighting up a room when he enters.

    Hopefully, I’m a published author by then.

    And hopefully April & I are in the final process of preparing to move overseas when Ethan graduates.

  9. I think when mine were young like yours I had a similar experience – mine are 24 and 20 now – so I’m sure I did. Let me just tell you that the time goes FAST FAST FAST. I honestly don’t know where the time went. And the amazing thing – Greg and I are still in our mid 30’s! Ha!

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