So Much Hate

Here are a few things that I have heard people say they hate over the past few weeks:

1. Math. I work at a college and have heard a couple of students aim vitriolic comments at math recently. Is it strange to feel sorry for addition and subtraction? Poor math.

2. Rain. We need it, plants need it, some people in certain areas of the country are praying for it, but a whole lot of folks do silly chants in hopes of making it leave. “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day!” That’s like asking oxygen to take a hike. Sheesh.

3. Football. In the South, saying that you hate football is basically sacrilegious. And if you are a male be prepared to be called a sissy. Or something much worse. Southerners are supposed to love Jesus and football and at least have an appreciation for NASCAR and humidity.

4. Rap. I am not a huge rap fan, but I can’t say that I hate it. Mostly because I think Dr. Seuss would have been a great rapper. Or rap artist. Or whatever. But he would’ve had to do something to increase his street cred. Like make The Cat in the Hat shoot people with a gat.

5. Washing dishes. Who has two thumbs and hates washing dishes? This guy. And most guys who don’t have dishwashers.

6. Care Bears. One of my boys expressed disdain for Care Bears a few days ago. I was at once both sad and joyful. Sad because Care Bears only want to love and be loved. Joyful because he’s a boy. There are some things that boys need to stop liking at some point. Also on the list: snow globes, tapioca pudding, and movies without explosions.

7. Steve Spurrier. There was a time in my life when I would have felt and said the same thing. But I have matured and Spurrier is no longer coaching the Florida Gators. I still enjoy seeing his face get all sad and whiny, though.

While this list is somewhat silly, there is one thing that I have heard a couple of people say they hate that really breaks my heart.

Some  people say that they hate their lives.

Their lives that have been given to them by God who loves them.

Their lives that are meant for so much more.

I realize that their lives aren’t perfect and that they may be going through terrible trials. I know that some days, weeks, months, and  years are tremendously difficult. I understand that so many people are on the verge of crumbling.

I hope that they continue holding on and looking up.

I hope they stop hating their lives.

Because they are important to others.

Even when they don’t feel like it.

What is one thing that you hate?
What is your favorite kind of pudding?


55 thoughts on “So Much Hate

  1. There are many days I hate my life. I’ve more than once looked up and said if God was merciful He would take me and give me some freakin’ relief. You just get so tired physically, mentally and emotionally.

    I like chocolate pudding or vanilla pudding that has actual vanilla in it.

    • I’ve had days like that, too, Jason. I remember even arguing with God that a good father wouldn’t put their child through the things He’s put me through. It’s been a long, almost 3 years.

      But the thing I’ve learned in this season (hopefully almost done season), is that God was letting me work out the ugly so I could get to the point where I can say: though He slay me, yet will I hope in him.

      That’s tough, but so necessary.

      • Interesting point about the “good father” thing, Jason. Then again, I have zero experience in that area … well, except for our next-door neighbors with 2 kids that I can actually stand being around.

  2. What I hate the most is my own sin. Honestly. It grieves me so much I can’t bear it. Football is a close second, though. Sports is such a religion (idol) in the world. Oh yeah, and I’m southern. I also hate biscuits and sausage gravy. Are you starting to see why I was forced to flee to the north?

    My favorite pudding: All of them. Even tapioca.

  3. Stupd stuff like warnings that should not need to be. On the inside of a cardboard sun shade I bought which blocks sunlight from my car…”Caution: Do NOT drive with this in place.” All that means is that there are idiots who would, but thank God for the warning…we’re a little safer. Geeez!

  4. I’m going to be a rebel (with a cause? without a cause? do I get a leather jacket for that?) and answer the questions in the opposite order.

    1) What pudding flavor? Chocolate. If you can only choose one, go with the good stuff.

    2) One thing I hate – The first thought that came to mind was that a number of the things I hate are actually things I love when they’re giving me trouble. Like programming, which I enjoy except when my code breaks or I can’t find a way to do something. Then I hate it.

    2b) Yellow Jackets. The insect, not the billion sports teams named after them.

  5. It’s a good thing I have a manly beard, because I loved the Care Bears when I was a kid, and I still like snow globes, tapioca pudding, and movies without explosions.

    What do I hate? Somebody already said yellowjackets, so I’ll go with cockroaches. Something about the way they scuttle across a floor gives me a serious case of the creeps.

  6. I grew up liking both Florida State and Georgia, so I developed a double portion of Spurrier hate. Now I live in South Carolina, surrounded by USC fans, and he’s beating Georgia with a different school. What do you call it when your hate is in triplicate?

  7. uh…can I get the name and address of the person who said they hate rain?…I’d like to pay them a visit from South Texas…

    just saying…lol…

    I hate Police holding up traffic just to check if some car is not changing lanes properly on a junction…HATE!….un called for…

  8. I like what you did with the cat in the hat…and the gat.

    Honestly, I really don’t mind doing dishes. I hope I don’t lose any street cred that I’m building up for my successful career in hip hop.

    Pudding? Meh.

  9. I am actually quite proud to admit that I have always lived south of the Mason-Dixon line (though in Maryland and Florida, neither of which “real Suth’rn’rs” don’t call “the real south”), and I DESPISE football!

    I mean, I’m an engineer. How the hockey-puck can you have more than one first down?!?!?

    As for pudding, I’m gonna have to go for chocolate, though before my Lap-Band I would’ve said “rice” or “bread.”

      • I think most of it comes from my school daze when everybody thought that, because I’ve always been heavy, that I’d be a good football player in Phys Ed. They completely ignored the fact that my father, an obsessive workaholic, never watched sports nor taught me any sports rules. As a result, I had no idea that my team “didn’t want a first down” when I couldn’t outrun anybody so I dropped the ball. I mean, how could it be a “first down” when we had 15 or more of ’em already?

        Nobody bothered to explain that to me.

        Of course, I also didn’t know at the time that I didn’t have true stereo vision and, therefore, couldn’t tell how close or how far away something coming at me through the air was. Therefore I couldn’t catch. Also, I had cold-weather-induced asthma (still do, actually), so just being outside or physically active during the Maryland school year could shut down my breathing.

        None of that mattered. All I got was cruelty.

        So I hate football.

        Oh, as for hating life, did you happen to read Anne Jackson’s Permission to Speak Freely? If so, do you remember one submission that starts, “I am not afraid to die. I am afraid to live”?

        That was me.


        I’m the Joe who wrote that.

    • Florida is properly referred to as the southern-most Northern state. 😉 Its population is generally agreed in the South to be primarily composed of retired Yankees and Cubans. The Cubans came there to live free, while the Yankees went there to die warm. 😀 *

      It’s okay to make fun of any part of Florida except Disney World. It’s a little known fact that those who make fun of Walt are eventually visited by Darkwing Duck and a brigade of ninja chipmunks during the night, and tied into a spinning teacup where they are forced to listen to “It’s a Small World After All” for 93 hours straight. The real reason sports stars all say they’re going to Disney World is that they know they could never live down being beaten up by a duck.

      * – analysis may differ slightly from official census data, but you read it on the internet so you know it’s true.

      • You do realize, of course, that your revealing this tippy-top-secret information will cost you a visit by 999 unhappy haunts who will drag you through Spaceship Earth by your Goofy-stretched ears, then leave you as a living statue at the France pavilion.

        You didn’t hear that from me.

        Oh, and DO! NOT! MESS! with Kennedy Space Center, pal. We’ve stil got enough space junk up there. Just sayin’

  10. I hate the pain that comes with loving someone with an addiction problem, I hate that children must suffer from all kinds of abuse. My heart breaks for those who are not loved and do not know the love of God.
    I also hate planning “what’s for dinner” but very grateful and blessed I have a choice.
    My favorite pudding is the kind with bananas and vanilla wafers in it! 😉

  11. I hate, absolutely HATE snakes and doing laundry. I mean, this is a hate that burns hotter than the pits of hell. Or something like that.

    As far as pudding: chocolate. or butterscotch. I can’t decide.

  12. Dr. Seuss would’ve been an awesome rapper. He wouldn’t even need a stage name and Dr. Dre would cry in fear.

    I hate yard work. My wife and I actually talked about it during premarital counseling and I traded her for cleaning the bathrooms. No lie.

    My favorite kind of pudding is banana.

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