Community Building

Over the past year or so I have gone from having very few reader and no commenters to a decent amount of readers and several steady commenters. But I consider those of you who read and comment to be more than that.

Together we have formed a community of sorts–a group of people who challenge, encourage, and help each other through the  ups and downs of life. I feel privileged and humbled that you would choose to join with me as through this venue.

One of our community members, Rob Shepherd, asked me to be one of several bloggers to write a paragraph or so about building a community. He compiled these and posted them on his blog today.

To check it out click HERE!

And while you are there, take a look around Rob’s blog. There is a lot of good stuff there.

As for here–well, if you’ve never been here just take a look around and try not to break anything.




14 thoughts on “Community Building

  1. knock knock…Hello…

    I brought some pie or a casserole…which ever you prefer…

    I just moved into the nieghborhood…stopping to say hi…lol…

    I promise not to break anything…

  2. Thanks for sharing this! My dream for The Fear List has always been to create a community where others can support and encourage each other with their fears, but it hasn’t really taken off just yet, so I found everyone’s thoughts extremely helpful.

    And no surprise-your advice was both helpful and it made me laugh!

  3. I am always telling my kids to please not break the furniture, so your asking me not to break anything while I’m here makes me feel right at home. I do like your blog a lot and think you have created a friendly place here. When I figure out a way to prevent birds from pooping on your truck I will issue an update.

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