Caption Contest Monday: Corn Maze

It’s almost Corn Maze time again.

Oh how I love trying to navigate a crazy maze cut through a corn field with a bunch of kids who are so excited at first but who soon grow tired, bored, hungry, annoyed, annoying, aggravating, whiney, etc.

This is a picture of me carrying Mary Hope through a portion of the maze last year.

She doesn’t appear to be having an enjoyable time.

What was she thinking? What was I thinking? What’s really going on?

Give me a caption. Winner gets a virtual fist bump and my gratitude!


And the winner of the contest is…..RandomlyChad

“I bet daddy is cold. Maybe I can warm up his neck.” 

Congratulations and #fistbump


36 thoughts on “Caption Contest Monday: Corn Maze

  1. The scariest movie of all time is Children of the Corn. My babysitter watched it with us one time and after ten minutes I took my little brother out of the room and we played while the babysitter got demon possessed. In this day and age Hollywood is out of ideas. They are looking to remake everything. Children of the corn is back. One pastor. A bunch of kids. Children of the corn: Seeking Pastor Edition.

  2. Mary Hope: now I know why the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. If dad keeps farting like that in the field, we’ll never have laborers…. or a harvest. Yuk!

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