Wanting a Better Voice

I have recently become acutely aware that my voice has a nasally quality to it. It sort of sounds like I am a lead singer in a bluegrass group only without the music and the talent and the Wrangler jeans (they don’t fit me very well).

This is not at all how I want to sound.

I would prefer to have a distinctive voice; a memorable voice. Here are a few folks who I wouldn’t mind sounding like.

1. Adrian Rogers. There should be a “How to Sound Like a Preacher” class in Seminary. And it should consist of listening to Adrian Rogers sermons over and over and over. Instead I sound like Gomer Pyle with sinus problems.

2. Ben Stein. His voice is boring and captivating at the same time. Almost mesmerizing. If I preached with his voice, no one would complain about me being too loud and no one would go to sleep–unless you consider being hypnotized the same thing as being asleep.

3. Mickey Mouse. Yes, it would be odd for Mickey’s voice to come out of someone as gigantic as I am. But it would be distinctive. I’m not sure I would be taken seriously calling on people to repent with a voice like that, though.

4. Bea Arthur. So I could sound like a real man.

5. Flavor Flav. Ok–I’m not serious about this one. But it would be awesome to say “Yeah Boy!” after important sermon points in his voice. And it would be awesome to wear a huge clock around my neck. A guy can dream, right?

6. Christian Bale (as Batman). I can only make my voice sound that gravelly for short periods of time before I lose it for the rest of the day. If only I could have that voice for one whole sermon, I am pretty sure that nobody would forget any of my points. They would be afraid to.

7. Yoda. “Open your Bibles to Luke chapter 10, you will.” Yeah–that would be cool.

I know that I can hope and dream all that I want–my voice isn’t going to change. Sure, there are exercises that I could do to change it, to make it less nasally and a little deeper.

Truthfully, I don’t really think that I care that much about it.

How we use our voices is far more important than how our voices sound.

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.
Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 150:6

My voice is to be used to glorify the Lord, to lift others up, to proclaim the Gospel.

I may not be pleased with how it sounds all of the time, but it can be used in ways that please the Savior all of the time.

Nasally or not, Jesus is worthy of all praise. It’s the best thing that we could ever do with the voices He gave us.

If you could choose, who would you want to sound like?
How do you use your voice for His glory?


35 thoughts on “Wanting a Better Voice

  1. Ya know Matt….I really didn’t like my voice…Especially the day I REALLY listened to it, and much more the day I heard myself on a tape machine (found out that video doesn’t suit me either). Let’s just say you don’t want me singing Silent Night at your yearly Christmas sermon..
    Clint Eastwoord comes to mind…or even Kenny G.
    Every time I use my voice to talk about the Man who gave me my voice in the first place, I give Him glory. Otherwise I shut my mouth, after all, you can only listen to Gov Schwarzenegger talk for so long…..

  2. When I think “awesome voice,” I think James Earl Jones. Being a girl, I wouldn’t want to sound like him. I just think he has an awesome voice.

    (And now I want to go watch the Lion King. Mufasa!)

    I get to sing in church, but sometimes I don’t feel like I can sing the songs very well. (In those cases, I shut up and just strum on my guitar.) I think my voice is better used when I get to teach or when I can just be a word of encouragement to someone.

    And sometimes I enjoy using my “written voice” versus my “vocal voice.”

    In any case, I hope that whatever comes out of me sounds good to God.

  3. My brother can sing. I can’t. Speaking-wise, i would love to have the depth of quality and tone like radio teacher, Steve Brown. Or Richard Bonsall from the Oaks. I get chlls thinking of what it would be like to be a bass saying, “Please turn in your Bible to…” Now it gives me chills to see them bring their Bibles since that is becoming a lost art.

  4. As with Bill, my brother Steve Brown would be an excellent choice. However, nothing causes me more envy than an accent. I would love to sound like Alistair Begg (sp?), Ravi Zacharias (sp?), or especially Mr. Bond (Connery or Brosnan). With an accent one doesn’t even have to say much to sound brilliant.

  5. I have a very distinct Southern accent, as anyone who’s ever spoken with me can verify. It used to bother me (I thought I sounded very uneducated), but I’ve pretty much come to terms with it now. I definitely wouldn’t mind trading voices with Morgan Freeman, though!

  6. I can’t stand my voice. It sounds much better in my head, but I’m pretty sure that people would think it was weird to talk to them through a jar of water and grey matter.

    I’m kind of shocked that nobody has mentioned James Earl Jones yet. First thing I would do is record my voicemail greeting as Darth Vader. Second would be to go through a drive-thru somewhere and try to freak out the help.

  7. Ted Williams–without all the drugs & drama. I’d love to have golden tones like that.

    Since that’s not likely to happen, I will praise the One Who gave me a voice with the one I’ve got.

  8. If I could choose, I would like to sound like Phil Rizzuto. Why? Well, so I can always say, “Holy Cow” except “Holy God”. Did that just get weird?

    How do I use my voice for His glory? Certainly not singing. I would say teaching… but you don’t need a real powerful voice for that… I think.

  9. I actually like my voice, my speaking voice. It is a bit deeper than most women but not gravely(I think I spelled that wrong), so it carries well. My singing voice is alright, most people can be taught to sing, it’s just a matter of breath control and technique. With a hubby who was a music major in college and daughter who has been singing in choirs for 8+ years I’ve learned a lot to help my voice. But any pastor that can do a good yodi is cool with me. I’d probably be giggling to much to listen to your sermon though. Then darling hubby and darling daughter #1 would try to out yoda you.

    How do I use my voice for God, speaking encouragement to my family, helping my teenage daughter navigate to adulthood where faith has become hers fully, advocating for my twins who have special needs and struggle to speak for themselves. Encouraging fellow believers, lifting them up to God. Reflecting Him in how I speak to those who do not yet know Him.

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