A Pastor Without a Place

Today I have the privilege of guest posting about being a pastor without a place  at Tony Alicea’s blog–Expect the Exceptional. 

Tony is an exceptional encourager and a deep thinker who desires to help people discover their identity and destiny that God has in store for them. He isn’t afraid to tackle tough questions and offer thoughtful answers. I guess it’s been almost a year since I got to know Tony on-line and I can honestly say that his kindness has been a tremendous blessing.

To read the post, click HERE!

And while you’re there feel free to take a look around–what you will find is sure to uplift, challenge, and edify you in a big way.

Did I mention that he is a great guy? He really is and he really did dress up like Michael Jackson once and he really did take pictures and share them freely. REALLY!

And I really appreciate him allowing me to share my heart on his blog today.

Oh yeah–if you jumped here from his site please make yourself at home. But don’t trim your toenails here. That’s just gross.


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