FSA–Fallling Satellite Anxiety

In case you haven’t heard, the NASA satellite didn’t land on me.

Did I really expect it to? Well….no.

That didn’t stop me from thinking about what it would have been like for this to happen. Here are a few of those thoughts:

1. My cell phone service would have been amazing. Until it landed on me. I don’t know what all of my bones breaking simultaneously would sound like, but the person talking to me would have heard it with stunning clarity.

2. I wonder if I would have tried to run away from it and if I would have been successful. I’m not what you might call “fleet of foot.” I can imagine looking up at it coming toward me and deciding not to run. Why wear yourself out right before you die? Am I right?

3. Maybe I should eat chicken-n-dumplins every day until it lands. It would be pretty lame to be annihilated by a falling satellite right after eating a corn dog.

4. Which picture of me would the local media use when reporting the story? On a related note–I need to have more pictures taken of me so they would have more to choose from if this ever really happens.

5. If it lands on me, I hope the site of the “incident” is called Cannon’s Crater. Or Cannon’s Canyon. Or Matt’s Mudhole. Or Big Ugly’s Big ‘Ol Hole. You know, something cool.

6. Would it have been a big enough deal for my name to trend on Twitter and for the president to show up at my funeral? And which one of these would be the most impressive?

7. I should check my life insurance policy to see if it covers “being crushed by a falling satellite.” I bet it doesn’t.

Even though I thought about it some, I wasn’t really worried. I don’t usually worry things like this.  I’m also pretty good at trusting God with the big stuff. It is usually the little stuff that makes me worry.

God revealed something to me about this while I was praying recently.

While I have a lot of faith in what God CAN do, I do not have a lot of faith in what God WILL do. It is not His strength that I doubt when I worry, it is His goodness.


This revelation was followed by confession and repentance as well as a committment to trust God’s goodness moment by moment.

Maybe you need to do the same thing. If so, go ahead.

You’ll be glad you did.

What thoughts did you have about the falling satellite?
What  has God revealed to you recently?


35 thoughts on “FSA–Fallling Satellite Anxiety

  1. Confession: I knew nothing about the falling sat until after the fact. Yeah, I keep up with all the latest. I have been reading through Psalms again. whole bunch of stuff there.

    Side: take the Twitter trend. Would be more meaningful 🙂

  2. Yeah, i’m with Bill – I’m so out of touch right now I didn’t know about it until after the fact. 🙂

    Revealed to me? I’ve been reading Genesis this week and feel that God has been bringing back to the ‘basics’.

  3. I didn’t have a fat clue that Satellite was falling, did fall, or might fall. If I did I would have listened to Satellite by P.O.D. and then Satellite by Dave Mathews. For some reasons disasters make me want to listen to songs with the disaster in the title.

  4. Make mine Twitter -2, President – 0. At least Twitter would involve people who actually cared about you.

    I just wondered if we could have prevented the whole risk of someone dying if we still had a functional space program to retrieve the thing. Or the old plan that got cancelled to put a rocket on them to send them out of orbit after they ceased operating.

  5. “While I have a lot of faith in what God CAN do, I do not have a lot of faith in what God WILL do. It is not His strength that I doubt when I worry, it is His goodness.”

    I’m there too. He hasn’t done a lot of great things in my life the last decade or so. It’s been a lot of pain, a lot of “discipline” (according to the Word) and a lot of watching other people being given their dreams and hopes and desires. I really doubt God’s goodness because I just don’t see it very often. God right now to me is either punishing me or staying silent.

    • You are in a tough spot. It’s made tougher by the platitudes that I’m sure you have heard again and again. The main advice I have for people in the same spot is to hold on. Easier said than done.

    • I find sometimes when I’m in that state of not feeling like God is doing anything good for me, it’s not because I’ve done something bad and am being punished, nor because He’s ignoring me, but because I’m holding Him to my own idea of what doing something good would look like. We all do it, and often.

      But here’s the thing. God is good. His central *nature* is that He’s good. Pure and untarnished good. There’s no evil in Him. Therefore everything He does is good. It may bring with it pain and sorrow, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It may be that God has something to teach you; or it may be that somewhere in the future you’re going to encounter a person whose very life and eternity may depend on you having suffered what you’re dealing with these past 10 years, and being able to say you’ve come through them with God’s help. You may not know the why, my friend, but I promise you that there are reasons, and that God is good.

      Take a look at Job. This was the most righteous man of his age, affirmed so by God’s own mouth. What did he get for it? Everything he owned and everyone he loved (except his wife to nag him) wiped out in one span of minutes. We, as readers, get to see the debate between God and Satan, the contest in which God lets His own reputation rest on Job’s loyalty to Him. Think about that last statement for a moment. His three friends come along and sit in the garbage dump with him for seven days, saying nothing, till Job speaks up to bemoan his suffering and his three friends all chime in to tell him that he must have done something really bad or he wouldn’t be suffering, because good people don’t suffer. Job wishes God would give him a fair trial…a chance to plead his innocence. And God steps in to have a chat. God never gives Job an explanation. What He gives Job is a vision of who He is, to which Job responds with a repentance for having questioned the justice of God’s treatment of him. The thing that’s often hard for us to accept is that God is as good at the moment that He kills all of Job’s children as He was at the moment that He formed each of them in their mother’s womb or the moment where he gives Job double all his losses.

      One church I used to go to had a doxology at the end of service: “God is good. All the time. And all the time, God is good.” It’s easy to lose sight of when we’re hurting. We’ve all been through those times. But I promise you that it is still and always true in every circumstance you’re in, my friend.

  6. It actually already fell to earth? Shows how much I’m up on the news! I didn’t even have time to be anxious about it. Of course, if it wanted to land on my front porch, maybe my insurance company would have paid to get it repaired. $3,500 for a new porch is a LOT (it’s literally rotted and falling in, so it’s getting replaced).

    As for what God is revealing to me – same thing you mentioned. I’m still waiting to hear about this job I applied for that would be perfect for me, and something I love. While I know God can orchestrate it that I get the job, I have found myself doubting a bit that He wants to give me something better than the job I’m working now – which is just over minimum wage and something a college student normally does.

    I have some repenting to do.

  7. Me & God just had that nice chat about there be only a single set of footprints right now. Yep, I’m being carried–even i don’t always feel it.

    Also got the impression that I need no longer belittle whatever talents He’s given me–just use what I got for His glory.

    That said, my blog is darn cool! I’m through with false humility.

  8. In NYC we would all have made tshirts that read, “I survived the fallen satellite but my girlfriend didn’t. accepting donations”

    I agree with you Matt. I’m terrible about trusting God on the small stuff.

  9. Funny stuff, and really made me think. You know I love when that happens.

    If it hit me, I’d like it to be a complete surprise. I think I must have kept my head down for four days. But, I found two quarters!

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