I’m in a Book!

Yes–that’s right. I’m in a book.

A real book with pages and everything.

A book that you can order from Amazon. (Go ahead and click it–it’s for real).

The books is Not Alone: Stories of Living with Depression. Alise Wright (the book’s editor) is the one that got the ball rolling on this by blogging about her own experiences with depression and inviting others to do the same. As person after person told stories of living with, fighting through, and overcoming depression, Alise realized that others could possibly be helped by them.

Working with Civitas Press, she asked for story submissions to include in the book. My story is one of them.

The most important thing about this book is not that I am in it. The most important thing is that it will hopefully help people dealing with depression understand that they are not alone.

No matter how dark the days get or how much they suffer–they are not alone.

To order the book or find out more check out Amazon’s website here.




20 thoughts on “I’m in a Book!

  1. Matt – that’s awesome! Well, not that you dealt with depression, but that you are in a book!! I’m sure your story will help a lot of people in their struggle.

  2. When I was little, I always knew I would grow up and find myself within the same covers as a SeekingPastor. 😉

    Or not.

    Anyway, what I’m saying is that it’s a real privilege to be a contributor along with you, Matt, and all of the other outstanding folks.

  3. I use to struggle with depression for a couple years and it got very bad to say the least. I continue to take anti-anxiety medicine which helps me greatly…and yes I am a Minister of Youth and Young Adults and I am not afraid to admit I have struggled with depression and anxiety 🙂

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