Four Reasons to Love Fall

It’s FALL! Glorious FALL! Beautiful FALL!

There are no other seasons like it. Except maybe Spring  a little because of the similarities in temperature. And some Summer nights can be Fall-like. And occasionally there will be a mild stretch of weather in the Winter that is similar to Fall as well.

Maybe the other seasons are somewhat similar to Fall. But Fall is still better.

Here are four alliterated reasons why (I’m still a pastor at heart–alliteration is what we do):

1. Flannel. After a long, flannel-less Summer, flannel makes a come back. I wore my first flannel shirt of the season on Saturday. It was like wearing happiness. I don’t know what fabric the Shroud of Turin is made out of, but since it was left behind I can guarantee it wasn’t flannel.

2. Football. When I think of Fall, I think of football. There is nothing like watching big, fat guys a few cheeseburgers away from full-blown heart disease pushing on each other while smaller, quicker guys try to move the football past other smaller, quicker guys. In my more lucid moments I can see the silliness of it all, but it still gets my heart rate up when I watch it. And for me, that counts as exercise.

3. Foliage. I’m a 6’7”, 300lb man. Who just happens to love pretty colors. I like looking at pretty colors, not wearing them. My wardrobe features various shades of brown. But I do enjoy seeing the leaves change color and the dramatic differences from one week to the next are often breathtaking.

And the most important reason I like Fall is….

4. Faith.

I was born in Fall–October 7th to be exact. While this is important, there is something even more important that took place during this season.

I was born again in Fall. For some reason, I always have a hard time remembering the exact date. So I usually have to look it up.  It happened on the night of the Presidential Election in 1988. The elder George Bush won that night, but I consider myself an even bigger winner. Because of Jesus, I gained victory over sin and death.

In addition, I submitted to God’s call on my life to preach in Fall. That was in 1997. There have been a few heartaches as I have tried to honor the Savior by proclaiming the Gospel, but the blessings here and those in the life to come are far greater.

While flannel, football, and foliage are good reasons to like this season, it is  what has happened to me in the realm of faith that really makes Fall stand out above the rest.

I was born in Fall, born again  in Fall, and answered the call to preach in Fall.

And all of those things happened because of God’s good sovereignty.

I love Fall, but I love God even more.

What is your favorite season and why?
What is your favorite fabric? And if it isn’t flannel–what’s wrong with you?



35 thoughts on “Four Reasons to Love Fall

  1. Favorite season? Summer. Two words: cycling and baseball. Okay, that is three but the main ones make two. 🙂 Favorite fabric? Hmmm I would say spandex because that means cycling clothes but I reckon cotton would be better. And one more thing dude: my birthday is October 9. However, I do have a few years on you. Happy early birthday Matt.

  2. I was born into the Family of God on September 21, 1971. That was the first day of Fall. Five years and one day later I gave birth to my very first child.

  3. My favorite season is Fall too.

    I don’t know why exactly but i think it has to do with living in the middle of the heat down here in south texas….a cool breeze is a gift of treasure down here.

    I’m gonna have to pass on the flannel…you see, we really only get like 2 really, really, really cold days around here…so flannel is not a good investment when you live in south texas…

  4. Fall for sure! I was born Oct 3rd, the baseball playoffs, the cool weather, and the fall foliage. I don’t like flannel though, and if that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.

  5. Fall is probably my second-favorite season; I have to go with winter for my favorite, though. I love those cold days when you don’t have anything to do but curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Then again, I live in the Texas panhandle, so we only get 4-5 snowstorms a year.

    Favorite fabric? I gotta go with cotton. Flannel’s too heavy and itchy….

  6. I like the colors of fall. I also like the temperature. What I don’t like is the flannel. We don’t do that here in NYC. We do hoodies. Yes!

  7. Favorite season is Fall but that doesn’t last too long here in NorthWest Ohio. As for Flannel I believe to wear it you must be a lumberjack or at the very minimum have a beard…Do flannels come complimentary with a pair of Rustler jeans? Jeans and Hoodies are my favorite for sure!

  8. I love fall and flannel. I met Jack in the fall and married him 48 years ago this month. So I’m sure Jack loves fall too.

  9. LOVE fall! My favorite time of the year. Pumpkin spice lattes – but these days – only Pumpkin spice Americanos 🙂 The trees turning color is my FAVORITE for sure – I never get tired of them. And we will be getting our new puppy sometime the 2nd week of November – another reason to love the fall 🙂

  10. I love fall. 🙂 We were married in October and it’s my favorite month. I love the promise of fall.

    And flannel. I love flannel.

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