Prayer and the Death of Steve Jobs

My first reaction upon hearing the news the Steve Jobs had died was the same reaction I have whenever anyone dies.

I wonder about their faith or lack thereof.

It was my second reaction that caught me off-guard. 

I never prayed for him.

No, I didn’t know him and have no connection to him or anyone in his family.

But he was someone who dramatically impacted our world with his innovations, inventions, and drive to make a difference.

He was someone who helped to change the way people communicate, think, and so much more.

He was someone who will be remembered well into the future for what he accomplished in his life that was cut short.

But more importantly…

he was a person created in the image of God.

And even when I knew that he had gotten sicker, I didn’t pray for him.

I didn’t pray for his healing.

I didn’t pray for his strength.

I didn’t pray that he would fall in love with Jesus.

Now, he’s gone.

I can no longer pray for him, but I can pray for others who are in positions of influence to use their abilities for God’s glory.

And I will.

How has your prayer life been recently?



12 thoughts on “Prayer and the Death of Steve Jobs

  1. Wow…this is some sobering Honesty Matt…

    I don’t remember praying for those kinds of people…

    I mean I pray for our government and people in authority like that…

    But not some guy like Bill Gates…

    Thanks for the reminder…

    God Bless you bro.

  2. I just mentioned your post in my recent one. Mine came later because I evidently don’t get up as early as you (even though I drive a school bus). BTW, how do you write that early in the morning?

    I completely agree with your thoughts on this. We should pray for those who are in our face everyday, especially those who are in our face every day. We tend to think that someone else is praying for them, but that might not be true. Sorta reminds me of a beautiful girl that never got asked out…all the guys thought she would be taken (then I asked and was turned down – go figure).

    • Thanks, man. Prayer is so important and we often do so little of it for those who influence culture.

      As for writing that early–I don’t. I generally write at night or ahead of time and schedule it to post that early.
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  3. Wow…definitely an interesting spin on the subject. Going with your comment about how he was created in God’s image, it just makes me think how creative and innovative Jobs was…and that reflects God’s creativity and innovation. Powerful post, truly one to think on.

  4. I’m just as guilty of not praying for him as you are, and I own Apple products and follow the company fairly closely. Jobs did make a great mark on this work, and even on my life. The only reason I’m able to make money on the side to pay my bills is that I have my Macbook to use for graphic design. I really need to start praying for the movers and shakers again. Great challenge, Matt.

  5. I did pray for him a few times but I’ll admit it wasn’t any kind of regular thing. I don’t own a single Apple product so I’m not a real fanboy or anything. It saddens me to think Jobs is spending eternity away from Christ. I don’t care who they are…I don’t want to see anyone in that situation.

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