Caption Contest Monday: Coach Matt

Coaching them up!

This picture is in honor of the ongoing Major League Baseball playoffs. Which apparently no one is watching.

My wife and I helped her sister coach the Carter Hornets Under-10 softball team this year.

We didn’t win any games, but the girls improved and had fun (I hope).

This picture was taken of me and Kristy before one of our games. But I have no idea what we were saying or talking about.

Maybe you can help figure it out.

Give me a caption. Make it a good one.

The winner receives my gratitude and a virtual fist bump.

Have fun and stay safe!


The winner and recipient of my gratitude and a #fistbump is….

Ricky Anderson!

“Kristy: The other team’s uniforms are so classy.


42 thoughts on “Caption Contest Monday: Coach Matt

  1. Stall the ump, stall the ump! We can’t start the game until my custom-ordered, manager-styled, mesh tee comes in. The UPS dude said he was right around the corner!

  2. K: Matt, hobby, did you see that Chick-fil-A sponsors the other team? Where’s our corporate love?

    M: Chick-fil-A? Where? I’m hungry! Gimme nuggets? Or like 34 of those honey mustard packets! What did you say?

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