What was THAT All About?

If you are still reading this blog after yesterday–Thanks! I thought that all of you would have given up on me after all of that blah blah blah stuff.

But instead it seemed to strike a chord with many of you. In fact, yesterday’s post was my most viewed post in quite a while.

 I think I know why. And it wasn’t just because it was funny in an absurd sort of way.

I think we are tired.

We are tired of hearing and reading words that are meaningless.

We desperately want to learn and grow and become more like Christ, yet many of  the words that we take in are shallow and trivial.

And by taking all of these words in, the words that we say and write often become just as meaningless.

We were made for more than this. We were made to think thoughts, say phrases, and write words that matter. That encourage others. That glorify God. That express deep truths. That demonstrate love. That show others that those who follow Christ are real people with real problems and real reasons to laugh.

But we get caught up in the wrong things.

Blog posts don’t write themselves and our self-imposed deadlines are looming. We worry more about style in our sermons, lessons, or presentations that we do substance. Our blog stats take a nose-dive and we have to find a way to get them back to where we want them. Others are writing or talking about things that we care nothing about, but since they seem to have gotten attention doing it….

We take in so many meaningless words that when the pressure to produce content increases, all we are able to come up with are meaningless words, too.

Before long everything that we hear and read, say and write turns into blah blah blah.

We can do better.

We can cut through the clutter and vow to spend time reading and listening things that really matter.

We can put more thought and prayer into what we proclaim in both written and verbal form.

We can hold each other accountable to both do our best and be our best.

Life is too short  for us settle for meaninglessness and mediocrity when the depths of God’s greatness and our place in His world are still in need of being explored.

Be honest–did you think I had gone a little bit crazy as you were reading yesterday’s post?
How can we make sure that the words we say and write stay meaningful?


29 thoughts on “What was THAT All About?

  1. Honestly, I thought yesterday’s post was a brilliant commentary – both hilarious and insightful – for all the reasons you mention above. It was one of those posts that, as soon as I read it, I thought, “Darn, I wish I had thought of that.”

    I don’t know…maybe as bloggers we need to take our content more seriously, and ourselves less seriously?

  2. I see what you are saying…

    I think that is why I started the 1 sentence analogy on my blog a couple of weeks ago on mondays..

    I felt like…I didn’t want to Tell you what to think of it…

    I want YOU (The reader) to tell me what YOU think of it….

    I tell you what I think too much anyway! lol…

    This was awesome…

    I think the best way to stay meaningful…is to be Honest.

  3. Your post yesterday was extrememly powerful Matt. Even though it didn’t make much sense, it made a lot of sense. I agree that it’s important for our words to be meaningful. That’s why I struggle so much with what exactly to write on my blog. In the end it has to be about pointing people to Christ, helping other believers grow, and, more importantly, bringing glory to the Father.

  4. Re: Yesterday’s post…sorry to disappoint you but I saw that as just another Matt post. I expect that kind of left field wit from you.

    As for writing things that are meaningful, I say to write things that are meaningful to you first. You can’t really maintain passion and quality for things that really don’t have a strong hold on your heart. You can write about it and look like an expert but in a year or two you’ll lose the fake fire you built for it and fade away.

    Look at your life and what means most to you. Write that.

  5. I already thought you were crazy. Yesterday’s post just confirmed it! lol

    Actually, I thought it was a brilliant commentary on the world of blogging. We put so much emphasis and work into posts for people to read, and a lot of times, it just because blah blah blah

    The world doesn’t need another person writing about what should be done, it needs people who actually live out what is written.

  6. I actually understood yesterday’s post with accurate CLARITY! We had quite a blow yesterday, a death of a young woman married to Greg’s work associate – and that about summed it up for me yesterday. I mean – what do you say to that? I think words can be overused and must be chosen carefully or they do start to look and sound like Blah, blah, blah. Or in the case of Charlie Brown – Whah, whah, whah.

  7. Didn’t think you were crazy at all…I agree with your last statement that silence many times can be better than words. It is tempting to do what others are doing so our blog stats go up but I am trying to remember why I am doing what I am doing and that helps me stay on track.

  8. Brilliant! That post was genius! Loved it! And I’m challenged by today’s post. I don’t want to be a blogger that just adds to the noise. I want to make a difference. I pray that I do.

  9. I admit, I’m often tired. Not only of words I read out here in the web, but of my own words. I think the only way to fight that is to make those words come alive and let there be works that are offered to God with thanksgiving.

  10. Nice theme my friend. I really appreciate the “blah” post because it was a reminder not to just consume or create crappy content.

    I think our words can be more if we stop to think and if they’re born out of a passion for something (God, people, art, etc).

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