Prophetic Thursday: Faith-Based Movie Remakes

It’s been awhile–but Prophetic Thursday is back. At least for this week. In case you have forgotten, Prophetic Thursday is where I peer down the pike and try to give you a heads up on what to expect within Christianity in the near and not so near future. To see a couple of my favorite posts in this series click Here and Here.

Faith-Based Movie Remakes

The song Courageous by Casting Crowns says that  we were made to be courageous. According to some, we were also all made to see Courageous. The movie.

In case you haven’t heard, Courageous is the newest movie from Sherwood Pictures–the same folks who brought us Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. From what I have heard and read, it is the best one yet. Plus it is making some money.

Which means that  Hollywood is paying attention. Which means that they will try to make more faith-based movies.

But there is a problem. It seems that there is an imagination deficiency among many in Hollywood.

So how are they going to come up with movies that appeal to Christian audiences? By remaking movies they have already made  by adding a little faith to them. Here are six movies you will one day see on the big screen:

1. When Harry Met Jesus. Set many years after the original. Harry is distraught after Sally passes away, so he agrees to meet a friend of his for a supper who tells him about Jesus. It’s a completely different “Diner Scene.”

2. Dude, Where’s My Sunday School Class? Two slackers fall asleep during Sunday School only to wake up and find that their class has moved without them.

3. Being John Piper. After the portal into John Malkovich’s mind is closed, a new portal is found into the mind of John Piper. Spoiler alert: It’s full of thoughts about God’s glory, Jonathan Edwards, and sensible shoes.

4. Fast Times at Ridgecrest Conference Center. A coming of age tale about a group of youths who learn important lessons at Ridgecrest–one of the most popular Christian conference centers in the South.

5. Indiana Jones and the Church Attic. Dr. Jones comes out of retirement to help a local church find the treasures hidden right over their heads.

6. The Fast and the Furious: Church Van Racing Club. A group of youth pastors hold secret high stakes church van drag races.

Do I think any of these will ever be made? Um….no. But I would pay to see at least two of them.

I do think that more Christian-based movies will be made. When they are, I hope that a lot a people go see them. More importantly, I hope that they impact the lives of many.

But if any of these are ever made…remember that you heard it here first!

What are some other possible faith-based movie remakes?
Would you pay to see any of these?

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30 thoughts on “Prophetic Thursday: Faith-Based Movie Remakes

  1. Die Hard to yourself. In this version of Die Hard John ends up visiting a church to try to fix his broken marriage. Unlucky for him on that day a former associate pastor, who was fired for being crazy, brings a group of terrorists to hold the church hostage. Lots of people still die, but the closing line is yippee ki-ya I forgive you.

  2. Haloween: D25

    This is where Michael Meyers runs around hitting people in the face with Christmas presents.

    At first people are like, “Oh no! He’s gonna kill me.” But then the realize that Michael is spreading Christmas cheer and they are like “Yay.”

  3. When Harry meets Jesus. Hilarious!!!!

    I would pay to see Dumb and dumber. It’s a story of two dumb people who go to all the trouble trying to find Jesus when He was with them all along.

  4. funny i like them all esp fast and furious someone really needs to listen to that one love the die hard one esp the catch phrase i hope movie studios listening

  5. The Semanarian Candidate (a remake of the 1960s Manchurian Candidate): One of the semanarians is really an unrepentent sinner, sent in undercover to turn the minds and hearts of the faithful

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