What I Learned in October

Well–it’s November. November 2nd to be exact. I went to the Mall yesterday and heard Christmas music. But before I am forced to fast forward through the Holidays, I want to tell you a few things I learned in October.

1. Being 34 feels a lot like being 33. I had a birthday last month. It wasn’t a big deal. I’m half-way to 68 which means that I still have to  work longer than I have been alive to retire. Yipppeeee!!!

2. People love nonsense. My most popular post for October consisted of nothing but the worth “blah” written over and over in different ways. Seriously. It makes me think that I shouldn’t try so hard on my posts and keep writing things that don’t make sense. Lap-top couch turtle faucet, soup buttons bacon dimes.

3. My faith needed (and continues to need) strengthening. One day while I was praying, it was as if God spoke to me audibly and said, “You believe that I can do anything, but you doubt that I will do anything. You do not doubt my power, you doubt my goodness.” This hurt, but it was a good hurt.

4. When baseball is really exciting, it is more exciting than any other sport. If you disagree with this, then you did not watch game 6 of the world series. Wow.

5. God’s grace remains sufficient. Again and again and again. Believe it and rest in it. And don’t waste it.

6. I feel less guilty eating 3 fun-size candy bars than I do eating one regular size candy bars. So, yeah–I love Halloween candy.

7. It doesn’t take much to make people smile. I already knew this, but it was reinforced again and again in October.

I learned more than this, but all good “Christian” lists end with #7.

So–what are some things you learned in October?


41 thoughts on “What I Learned in October

  1. I learned turning 59 puts me closer to 60. I learned missing my grandson’s 5th birthday stinks. I learned i am not looking forward to winter. I learned having your braces tightened twice in one month hurts. I learned it was nice meeting a blogging friend for the first time (hope it happens with you some day). I learned that I am blessed man.

  2. I learned that baseball is more exciting when your team is still in it in October and not so exciting when they make an early exit from the playoffs. Let’s go Phillies 2012!?!

  3. I learned that marriage is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I learned that a lot of people are cynical about marriage. I learned that a lot of people make themselves feel better about marriage by mocking it.

    I learned that one of my life goals will be to love those people and encourage them through my life and words.

    • some encouragement:

      I got this text from my wife this morning…

      “I know i probably don’t say this enough but thank you for all that you do! I really appreciate it! I love you!” – my wife

      We’ve been married 8 years…and every day…i love her more and more…it gets better everyday…more than i could ever imagine…it’s Hard…but it’s AMAZING!

      I know 8- 10 – 15 – 50 – 100 years down the road…you will get text…or a video message like this from YOUR wife!!!

      God Bless You and Your Wife Tony!

  4. I learned in watching that awesome game 6 that you should never take something you love for granted. There is always the possibility you will be surprised.

    I’ve also learned that no matter how self-sufficient and independent your teenage children appear, a 17 year old still needs a lot of guidance and direction from their parents even if they don’t know it (or want to admit it).

  5. I learned that baseball is over and it sucks!

    I learned that some christians are scared of halloween and feel threatened by it.

    I learned that it snowed in October and there are still some people without power

    I learned that 2+2 = 4 but you can say 5 and since there is no such thing as absolute truth, you can be right.

  6. I learned that, getting back on a stage to lead worship…after a year off of it…is like riding a Bike…never lose “it”…Thank you Jesus!

    I learned that i’ve gotten encouragement in my faith by reading the struggles, honesty, creativity, and boldness of my blogging friends i’ve made…

    Very cool…

    I’d like to think…Jesus knew about the technology we would one day have that could keep His Church body connected and encouraged to one another through it…from all over the world…

  7. I relearned (or maybe it was just confirmed, not really sure) that sometimes you just need to take the step of faith, not knowing how it will turn out, before you see God provide. It was a scary lesson, but much needed.

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