Explaining My Break from Blogging

“Pease me sit in your wap?”

In case you are not up on your 3-year-old speak, this translates into “Please can I sit in your lap?” This is also one of the reasons why I haven’t written much recently. Because I am pretty sure that we will not have any more kids, I am very aware that these days are fleeting and I won’t be able to get them back.

So when I am typing away and Mary Hope wants to sit in my “wap,” she wins.

But this isn’t the only reason why I took a short blogging break. The following list contains both real and fake reasons for my recent blogospheric absence. See if you can guess which is which.

1. I had to give typing a rest after burning my finger tips on a hot plate at a mexican restaurant. They always say the plate is hot and I always throw caution to the wind and check for myself. When you live life on the edge, sometimes you get burnt.

2. Halloween candy doesn’t eat itself. I enjoy having 5 kids, but there are two times a year when I enjoy it even more: tax return time and Halloween. They get a lot of candy and we don’t like it to sit around too long. So, you know, someone had to eat it.

3. I went deep undercover to investigate why Klout declared that I was influential about Hairstyle. I would never have known this about myself if my favorite Canadian (Larry Hehn) hadn’t mentioned it. The only reason I can come up with is that I wrote a mildly popular post about manly barber shops. Plus–I haven’t change my hairstyle since birth.

4. Zombies. I may have watched a few episodes of The Walking Dead. And I may have spent some time making sure our house is Zombie-proof. And I may have become a little too gleeful upon figuring out that my wife’s sheep and goats would give us a head start if Zombies ever coming moaning and stumbling after us.

5. Working with the NBA big-wigs to save the season. You’re welcome. I’m sorry. Whichever.

6. Sometimes other  things are more important than blogging. Like starting ministry at a new church, ministering to hurting people, looking for a house to rent in a new town, making sure my kids feel secure even as our life situation changes, and other such things like that.

So–what are your guesses? Which of these are real and which are fake?

Leave your guesses in the comments!

Also–what are some reasons (real or fake) that you have taken a break from blogging?

(By the way–I’m back. For now. The only Halloween candy we have left are Whoppers. I’m not a fan.)


44 thoughts on “Explaining My Break from Blogging

  1. I’m taking a break from blooging because it seems everybody else is….
    either that, or I just find the fact that blogging about my toilet overflowing doesn’t make for a good blog post….

    How’s the new position going?

  2. i say 2 and 5 are fake…

    good idea on the break…i’m still on one since last tuesday…back on this wed…

    I would take a break because i’m jumping on the campain trail with Newt…

    or it could be because i don’t want to miss every expression on my kids faces around this christmas time…

  3. I’ve definitely missed your posts, but a break is needed every now and then!

    As far as what is real, I’d say all of them but the NBA one. I know you were zombie-proofing your house. Who wouldn’t?!

  4. I took a month-long blogging break because I started feeling inadequate and I had lost my passion. But God has shown me some things and now I’m back.

    It’s good to have you back Matt. And I hope all is well with the new church ministry!

  5. #6 is the same for me. Building a solid foundation for my marriage has taken priority over everything. I miss writing and I don’t. It’s just a season that I’ve needed to take. And it’s MORE than worth it.

  6. OK I believe the “obvious” choice is #6 – so happy to hear of your new pastorship and thrilled that you have found a house. Keeping those children secure, happy and loved is so very important and fortunately both you and Kristie know this well. I’m sure God will use you in a mighty way.

  7. Obviously you were zombie proofing the house. That’s worth the time.

    I’ve only really taken a break from blogging once and that’s when I was having a mental breakdown.

  8. I heard somebody on SNL last week did an Andre the Giant impersonation circa Princess Bride, so naturally I figured that was what you were up to.

    j/k… glad you’re back!

  9. I often wonder why Klout says that I am influenced by Diapers when I have never said anything about them either…my son is 10. If you can figure that one out, you’re too cool!

  10. It has got to be #3, please let me know when you get Klout figured out. Hope everything is going well at the new home, praying for you, your family, and your new church family. And don’t ever let her get to old to sit in your lap!!

  11. I don’t comment on here often, but you genuinely make me laugh. You’re a funny guy- and you seem like a fun guy!

    …but not a fungi. Which is good, because mushrooms are delicious, but I don’t know about their comedy skills.

    I do the exact same thing at Mexican restaurants, by the way. Living on the edge.

  12. I’m so hono(u)red to be your favo(u)rite Canadian, especially when you could have picked Celine Dion. Thanks, Matt!

    Yep, I haven’t figured Klout out either. But until we do, it makes for great blog fodder. Great to have you back!

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