Ramblings of Praise, Part 10

God’s grace is sufficient.
Knowing and believing this is good,
but we all have our days.

Days of darkness that test our ability
to trust, to feel, to follow.

Days when the fog hides the light
and hum of life threatens to drown
out His voice.

But He is still there.

Still there to sustain all that
He created.

Still there to care for the weary
and the broken.

Still there even when it feels like
we are alone.

His grace remains sufficient and
His presence remains with His



14 thoughts on “Ramblings of Praise, Part 10

  1. I think we put too much emphasis on whether we feel God near. Sometimes, we just have to know he’s there – even if the emotions don’t come. I thank God for the emotions, but we can’t become dependent on them. Like you said, he’s near and his grace is sufficient.

  2. We claim the sufficiency of God’s grace each and every day. The last few months have been quite a struggle as we watch our sin battle cancer and fight the effects of the treatments. God has sustained and helped…His grace is sufficient!

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