An Ode to Sausage Balls

Sausage balls, O sausage balls
how I love thee,
though for most of the year
you stay away from me.

Christmas-time is
when you appear,
to cheer up fat guys
both far and near.

While it’s true you show
up during other seasons,
it’s around the Holidays
that you do the most pleasin’.

At every Christmas party
you are there to please.
I enjoy you more than
a mouse enjoys cheese.

As a winter snack you
are simply the best.
I shed tears when you
depart, that I confess.

But for now you are here
to bring us such pleasure.
Thank you, sausage balls, for
being a true Christmas treasure.

What is your favorite Christmas-time treat?


32 thoughts on “An Ode to Sausage Balls

  1. Groan. If it was sausage balls, I think it would change. 🙂 My favorite would have to be the sausage gravy and biscuit breakfast my wife makes every Christmas morning. I am drooling as I think of it right now.

  2. I LOVE sausage balls! They were a Christmas tradition but my wife (who made them btw) really didn’t like them. Turned out, she later became a vegetarian and scoffed at the idea of sausage balls. So to compromise, I’m making vegetarian sausage balls this Christmas. I know, I know, but lest you make “holding your nose” gestures, I am using sausage-flavored Boca and putting my wife first. 🙂

  3. We make sausage balls with venison sausage in my family. I remember asking my mom for the recipe one time, and she said “Well, you take a pound of sausage, mix in some Bisquick and pepper jack cheese until it looks about right, then bake them until they’re done.” Way to be specific, Mom. 🙂

  4. I don’t think there’s a “Christmas time treat” that I really like anymore. Right now, if it’s free, food and edible, that’s enough for me. 🙂

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