This and That

A few unrelated, mostly silly tidbits. Just because.

*I hiccupped off and on ALL DAY yesterday. According to what my mom always told me, this means that I am growing. Hopefully this is not true. I’m already a big fella and britches my size cost more than some small cars.

*So–Fear Factor is back. Two main questions: 1)How has Joe Rogan not aged? and 2)How does PETA stay silent when poor defenseless scorpions, cockroaches, and dung beetles are suffering the indignity of being eaten for our enjoyment?

*We are moving to Harriman. Lifting heavy furniture always makes me feel manly in a my-back-feels-like-it-has-been-walked-upon-by-pregnant-hippopotamuses kind of way.

*I wonder how many people know who Gordon Shumway is without googling it.

*My wife’s two Chihuahuas are growing on me. And by that I mean that I like them better than I used to, not that they have turned into freaky, parasitic Chihuahuas. That would be awful.

*I am not normally a jealous person, but I must admit to becoming a little envious of people who can grow epic beards. The best I can do is a mustache/goatee combo. For some reason I have a hard time growing hair between my goatee and my sideburns. Maybe someday this will change.

*Jack, Jake, and Rex are in my top three of most masculine names.

*The sign outside of one of our local Shoney’s restaurants says that people can purchase Shoney’s gift cards, presumably to give to people that you like–but not much.

*On a serious note–I am really enjoying getting to know the people of Lee Village Baptist Church in Harriman and am excited about the future. If you are in the area, please stop by. If you need directions, feel free to ask in the comments or send me an e-mail.

What are some tidbits that have been on your mind?




36 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Glad to hear the people of Harriman are growing on you. Not too sure about them dogs though. I am a less-than-liker-of-small (read any)-dogs. Dogs are meant to be big not overgrown yelpers posing as dogs. 🙂 Seriously dude. Glad you are enjoying getting to know the people. They will return in kind and you will have a successful ministry of changed lives. Praying for you.

  2. I had jury duty yesterday, and the baliff in the jury room told us that all rules and regulations given to the jury are written at a 3rd grade level. Scary to think that your jury might consist of 12 people thinking like a 8 year old.

  3. I don’t understand why people that go on Fear Factor are shocked when they’re told to eat something ungodly. Don’t they watch the show?

    I can’t do the beard, either. But at least I have gray in my goatee.

    So, Lee Village…is that like a hippie-like retirement community for Pentecostals from Cleveland, TN, or a General Lee developement?

  4. Politics make me disappointed in my country.

    Modern Family is a stroke of genius in an otherwise unfunny world of sitcoms.

    I have no idea who Gordon Shumway is.

    That weird phrase “arrow to the knee” is from Skyrim. Yeah…I don’t know either.

  5. ALF! Boom! No Googling!

    I didn’t write these, but I wish I had:
    “Twenty-four hour banking? I don’t have time for that.”
    “When I go to the hospital and have to fill out the form, where it says ’emergency contact,’ I put ‘DOCTOR.’ …What’s my mother gonna do?”
    – both by Steven Wright

  6. Who’s Joe Rogan? I did try using google but I dont think he’s big in Europe.. what are the podcasts about, that he does?

    Do you remember HCJB the Christian Broadcasting station from Ecuador? They seem to be very active on twitter if you want to have a look. They are planning to return to Ecuador with a new transmitter….

  7. I wish every Christmas season, the government will give out Christmas cards to everybody. The type that includes Jesus in a manger.

    I think it would be cool for every member of the church to dress as santa clause this year. It does fall on a Sunday.

    I once drank tea made from cocaine leafs. It was awesome.

  8. I learned a good trick to cure someone of the hiccups. I give them my “creepy stare,” then tell them I’ll stop looking at them as soon as they hiccup again. Works every time.

    I bet I could wear my ALF mask and scare the hiccups out of someone as well (and yes, I really do own an Alf mask).

  9. Knew Gordon Shumway without a second thought. 🙂 (I had a crush on the daughter on that show.)

    I’m so glad things are going well at your new church, man.

  10. Glad to hear you are connecting with your new church and enjoying it!

    My tidbit for the week is that the semester is pretty much over, so I’m on break from my ministry until January (minus some Board stuff that needs to be done). Feels good!

  11. Ok. The Shoney’s one made me laugh out loud. Thanks, I needed that today!
    Glad to hear you’re liking the folks at your new post.

    Here’s something that just came to me: I have to fight the urge not to use “text-speak” when I’m using my phone to make blog comments… u no?

  12. So I can’t shake the image now of parasitic Chihuahuas growing on you. Maybe that’s the reason for the hiccups?
    One sad tid-bit. I have found myself writing a handwritten note and adding in an emoticon. Instead of just drawing a smily face or something.

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