A Poem About Joseph

Shocked by the news;
his bride is

Convinced by what he sees;
she  has been

Determined to be kind,
he will divorce her

Visited in a dream,
by an angel with
good news.

The child in her womb
will be named

He will save
people from

Rising from sleep,
Joseph’s mind is

No matter what
he will raise the

Matthew 1:18-25


17 thoughts on “A Poem About Joseph

  1. Well done sir. Joseph was a gentleman. Then again, he would have gotten struck by lightning if he would have done otherwise. 🙂

    very nice Matt! (I ate the comma again)

  2. I think we tend to overlook Joseph’s side of the story and what God did in him. I wrote about it last year after God took me through a journey and pointed out that Joseph displayed incredible faith as well.

    Great poem man!

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