Top Posts of 2011 #4: Sandals and Osama Bin Laden

It’s the last week of 2011 and we are still getting fully moved in to our new digs in Harriman. Because of this I thought I would share my 5 most viewed posts of 2011. Thanks for reading this year and for being a part of this community. I’m looking forward to an even better 2012.

Sandals and Osama Bin Laden

I’m not sure if I learn something new everyday.  What I mean is that I am not always consciously aware of what I learn in a particular day.  But I have learned a few things about myself recently.  Especially when it comes to people who wear sandals.

Here they are with the help of a few if/then statements.

1.  If you wear sandals, then I will look at your feet.  It’s going to happen.  This isn’t because I have a foot fetish or anything; I actually think feet are pretty disgusting.  I’m really not sure why I do this.  Maybe it’s because when a person wears sandals they are essentially saying, “Hey–Look at my feet!  LOOKATTHEM!!!!” 

2.  If you wear sandals and your toes are painted a bright  color, then I will comment on them.  It won’t be a rude comment, but there will be a comment.  Unless the color is so bright that they cause my eyeballs to fall out.  If that happens, all bets are off.  You know–after I quit screaming about my eyeballs falling out.

3.  If you wear sandals when it is cold and then complain about how cold you are, then I will openly question your intelligence.  I apologize in advance.  If it is cold enough for jackets and toboggans, then it is cold enough for YOU TO PUT SOCKS ON!  (See what I did there–a bonus if/then statement.  You’re welcome.)

4.  If you wear sandals and have hairy toes and/or ugly toenails, then I will feel better about myself and possibly wear sandals the next day.  And I will blame you if anyone sees my feet and vomits.

While these if/then statements are about something a little silly, there is a far more serious if/then statement that has been on my mind the past 24 hours or so.

If God creates a person, then that person is created in His image.

And God said, let us make man in our image,
after our likeness….
Genesis 1:26

There were two main thoughts that entered my mind upon learning about Osama Bin Laden’s death: I am thankful for  justice and I am sad that someone made in the image of God died without accepting the gift of salvation offered by Him.

Rejoicing in justice is Biblical (Proverbs 11:10); being gleeful about anyone being in Hell is not (2 Peter 3:9). May we be wise enough to discern the difference and express joy in ways that honor God.

If we have been brought from death unto life by the power of the Gospel, then we should refrain from speaking flippantly about Hell and those who go there.

After all, Hell is what we all deserve.

It is only because of God’s grace than any of us ever get anything better.

What are some other if/then statements that can be made? 
What was your initial response to Bin Laden’s death? 
Has your initial response changed since then? 

Also share one of your top posts of 2011!


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