Top Posts of 2011 #3: Prophetic Thursday: Westboro Baptist Church

It’s the last week of 2011 and we are still getting fully moved in to our new digs in Harriman. Because of this I thought I would share my 5 most viewed posts of 2011. Thanks for reading this year and for being a part of this community. I’m looking forward to an even better 2012.

Prophetic Thursday: Westboro Baptist Church

The “fine” folks of Westboro Baptist Church (for info on them click here) have gained a degree of notoriety the past few years by proclaiming a message that is contrary to what is put forth by most other Christian churches.  No, they haven’t spoken out against potluck dinners or casseroles.  Instead, they proclaim that God is a God of hate.  They have gotten most of their attention by protesting at the funerals of deceased soldiers while carrying signs that say: “God Hates America,” “God Hates Fags,” and “God Hates Off-Brand Soda.” 

Okay, that last one isn’t true.  I don’t know if The Almighty has a distaste for off-brand sodas or not, but I know that Westboro protesters haven’t put that on a sign.  Yet. 

I do wonder, though, when they will start to realize that fewer and fewer people are paying attention; I hope they never do.  I’m afraid if they catch on to the fact that their tactics have grown stale that they will start protesting in other ways.  Like children who act out when they think that no on is noticing them, I have a feeling that Westboro leaders will eventually start declaring that God hates other things just to regain their footing.

I could be wrong; this might never happen.  But if it does, here are seven slogans that might show up on their signs in the coming years along with the possible reasons they might give:

1.  God Hates Kia Souls.  Because eventually all of the owners of these vehicles will be tempted to either sell their Souls or trade their Souls.  This must be stopped.

2.  God Hates the NFL.  Because the combination of fans forgoing church service attendance to watch football and all of the images of men slapping each other on the rear reeks of iniquity.

3.  God Hates He-Man.  Because Fred Phelps and Skeletor look so much alike.

4.  God Hates Apple Pie.  Because very few things are as American as apple pie and since God hates America……

5.  God Hates Social Media.  Because it has been used over and over to bash Westboro Baptist Church.  And because of Farmville.

6.  God Hates Paisley.  Because some patterns simply deserve to be hated.

7.  God Hates American Idol.  Because it just isn’t the same without Simon condemning everyone.

I realize that this is a somewhat silly list.  Let me get serious for a moment. 

The message of Westboro Baptist Church is not the message of the Gospel.  Their message is one of hate; the message of the Gospel is one of love and grace.  My prayer is that either the leaders of Westboro Baptist Church repent of the damage they have done and truly encounter the God of grace or that God removes their ability to spread their hate-filled message. 

Are either of these things possible? Nothing is impossible with God.

However, If neither of these things happen look for Westboro Baptist Church to diversify their protests.  And when it happens remember that you heard it here first.

What are some other things that Westboro Baptist Church might one day claim that God hates?  

Go ahead, share one of your top posts of 2011!


6 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2011 #3: Prophetic Thursday: Westboro Baptist Church

  1. I liken the Westboro Baptist Church to roadkill: flattened by the tyre of common sense, baking on the blacktop and causing serious olfactory offence as it rots. But there is an upside. Eventually it will finish decomposing; the offensive odour will stop, and after animals carry its sun-bleached skeleton off into the desert, the only remnant of its existence will be the hate-filled stain left on the bitumen.

    How could God possibly hate Australia? What sort of omnipotent being has an issue with koalas?

  2. I personally believe that Westboro is a blight on the landscape of all the good things that Christ-followers try to do. WBC is not Christian and is not a church. I liken them to the KKK-spewers of hate and ugliness-who will eventually find themselves in the hands of a God who will give them what they have given others. no mercy. No grace. Just judgement. My .02 worth.

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