Top Posts of 2011 #1: Prophetic Thursday: Christian Reality Shows

It’s the last week of 2011 and we are still getting fully moved in to our new digs in Harriman. Because of this I thought I would share my 5 most viewed posts of 2011. Thanks for reading this year and for being a part of this community. I’m looking forward to an even better 2012.

Prophetic Thursday: Christian Reality Shows

Remember Mr. Personality, the reality show hosted by Monica Lewinsky in 2003; the one where she advised young women picking men to date who had their faces covered by masks of various colors.  Some don’t remember it because they never viewed it.  Many more are unable to remember it because some memories must be repressed in order for people to have normal functioning lives.  To call it a train wreck is unfair to train wrecks.  As people who impersonate Charles Barkley would say–“It was turrible–turrible, turrible, turrible!”

After this show started strong and quickly lost viewers with each passing week, I thought that reality shows were over.  I thought they had collectively “jumped the shark.”  I thought wrong.  This is not rare–remember, I’m the guy who ate leftover Krsytal hamburgers for breakfast and lived to talk about it.  Still, though, I was sure that reality shows would not last, but it seems that they are here to stay.

And the longer they stay around the greater the likelihood that there will eventually be “Christian” reality shows.  Yes–it will happen.  Here are a few that I expect to see in the near future:

1.  Hangin’ with Smiley.  Join Joel Osteen (and his business mullet) as he spends his days doing whatever it is Joel Osteen does.  Like trying out his stories on unsuspecting toddlers.  Or whitening his teeth 18 hours a day.  Or learning how to hypnotize people by blinking his eyes.

2.  Survivor: Finance Committee.  Ratings gold.

3.  The Real Pastor’s Wives of the SBC.  Some are shy and sweet.  Some are smart and sassy.  Watch what happens when they stop being polite and start being real.  Wait a minute–that’s some other show, isn’t it?

4.  The Amazing Grace.  Similar to The Amazing Race, except that the teams race around the world finding different ways to help each other.  And whichever team comes in last will be first.  Expect loooong seasons.

5.  America’s Next Top Worship Leader.  Graphic tees, skinny jeans, goop-filled hair, and the ability to turn secular songs into songs of praise will be featured on this show that will be judged by Kirk Franklin, Bill Gaither, and Sharon Osbourne (just for funsies).

6.  Pimp My Church Van.  Forget church vans with torn seats and peeling paint, these church vans will be tricked out with 20 inch rims, cross spinners, a bangin’ sound system, and a bar in the back (serving only communion juice, of course). 

7.  The Rob Bell Show.  Already in production.  Probably.

Will reality shows really go the Christian route?  Why not?  We already have Christian movies, books, magazines, music, candy, Silly Bandz, clothing, paintings, Christmas tree ornaments, restaurants, theme parks, schools, day cares, retreats, cruises, snow globes, video games, actions figures, trading cards, blogs, internet providers, newspapers, political action committees, and so much more.

So, yeah–Christian reality shows are definitely a possibility.  And when it happens remember that you heard it here first.

What are some other possible Christian reality shows? 
Why are reality shows so popular?  

Here’s your last chance–share one of your top posts of 2011!


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