New Year’s Resolutions

In 2012, I resolve to…

….not wurry so mutch abbout misspeled wurds.

….eat less chicken. (I’m tired of cows telling me what to do.)

….refrain from backing baby into a corner.

….get a really old, almost dead dog.

….teach him a new trick just to prove that it can be done.

….spend one week answering every yes or no question with a “Yuuupp!” like Dave Hester from Storage Wars.

….spend the next week apologizing to everyone that I annoyed the previous week.

….win as many Sprint Cup Championships as Dale Earnhardt, Jr. ever will.

….try to stop saying that things are “off the hook” and “da bomb.” Fo shizzle.

….finally get over never having a “My Buddy” doll when I was a kid.

….meet Chuck Norris.

….survive meeting Chuck Norris.

and the real thing I resolve to do….

….live my life in such a way that brings greater glory to God.

What are some silly resolutions that I could add to this list?
Do you have any serious resolutions that you would like to share?


26 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. It seems I am making up my near years resolution as I go.

    The first I made, which I completed yesterday was to clean off my computer desk.
    The second one, which is ongoing, is not to worry about a thing.

  2. I’m reading all these posts about resolutions and “one words” and I’m still trying to figure it out for myself.

    I know a big thing that is important to me is finishing. I want to stop just “thinking” of ideas and actually start following through to the end.

    I also know that going on staff at church is going to be a big change in my life. I feel like there is going to be a tension of who I actually am and who I’m “supposed to be” as a leader in the church. I feel like I’m going to be wrestling with the whole notion of authenticity. Should be a fun ride.

  3. This year, I want to become an honest-to-goodness superhero. I plan to take daily swims in nuclear waste in order to bring this about.

    Aside from that, I want to start traveling internationally this year. I have a fairly long list of places I’d like to see, and I’ve already scratched off most of the ones here in the USA. Hopefully, one of my superpowers will allow me to either fly or teleport so I can save money on airfare!

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