This and That

A few unrelated, mostly silly tidbits. Just because.

*I love monkeys, but not in the same way that I love bacon. If monkeys tasted like bacon I would be in a real quandary.

*That is the first time I have ever used the word “quandary” in a sentence and it will probably be the last.  I think I just used it in another sentence. My bad.

*My 10-year-old daughter never calls them Hootie and the Blowfish. She always calls them Howdy and the Blowfish instead. I like that name better.

*Why does my daughter know Hootie and the Blowfish? Because I’m a good father.

*Last night I had to choose between pecan pie, banana pudding, chocolate cake, or apple pie with ice cream. The tension was palpable. I finally settled on banana pudding. I hope I don’t have to make a decision that difficult for a while.

*I have no idea who any of the current heavyweight boxing champions are.

*If living long enough to see Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah star in a movie together is on your bucket list–CONGRATULATIONS! (weirdo)

*I saw a really old mini-van with a really big spoiler on it a few days ago. It was a good day.

*A plaque is usually a good thing. Plaque is a bad thing. Receiving a plaque for having the worst plaque would be a really bad thing.

And finally…

*Tim Tebow isn’t perfect. Jesus is perfect. Tim Tebow often talks about Jesus. I like Tim Tebow.

What are some tidbits that have been on your mind?


26 thoughts on “This and That

  1. The move has not change your sense of humor. That’s a good thing.

    You choice of desserts was seriously lacking. Ice cream only (a bowl full not just a spoon or two) always wins hands down.

  2. If I could have half of your humor, I’d still be far more humorous than I am now (and you’d still have half of your humor).

  3. my son is scared of everything right now…hmm…but he can jump and down and pretend he is spiderman and thor and beat you down!….something is not right here…

  4. I wonder if there are any conservatives out there who are so hardcore that they refuse to eat leftovers. I guess maybe they could change the name to rightovers, but I think that’s what you call any political candidate when they hear you want to make a donation to their campaign… Yeah, my brain is broken today, but this was fun, Matt. 🙂

  5. Um, if I’ve got Right Guard, what do I use for my left pit? Cause like Lazarus, by now it stinketh.

    And why would I want to use something called Old Spice? It’s old! It’s not aged, matured, or well-preserved–it’s old!I want new spice! Not what they used to scent poor Lazarus…

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