I’ve Got Nothing












What do you do when you’ve got nothing?


32 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing

  1. The Word of God never comes back empty…

    But…i understand…lol…

    I’ve taken a two week vacation…and this month only posting 5 or 5 posts based on a series…

    sometimes you need to look away from the computer and into someones face…

  2. Seek for God to fill me again. That answer sounds more righteous than I mean for it to sound. Because when I am at the point I have nothing, it’s either seek God or wander in distractions until I do, and I have been known to wander in distractions for years.

  3. I wouldn’t know what I would do if I had nothing because I have it all. My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and I am heir to the Kingdom because I have the salvation of Christ in my heart and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

    I also have the only eight perfect grandchildren that have ever lived.

    Love you, Nonnie.

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