God’s Grace

Dazed by
the depth

Surprised by
the strength

Amazed by
the abundance

God’s grace.

Hebrews 4:16


23 thoughts on “God’s Grace

  1. No joke I just read this in my quiet time like five minutes ago. I love this verse. We can enter God’s presence boldly because of His grace, because He has pardoned our sins.

  2. I enjoyed yesterday’s post, but this is a great way to come back from yesterday’s nothing! I believe that in itself is a picture of God’s grace: grace changes nothingness into something beautiful. Thanks, Pastor! =)

  3. On Sunday, I was praying and heard God speak to my spirit, “never underestimate the grace.” Since then I’ve been meditating and speaking His grace into lives and situations (especially my mom who’s recovering from her open heart surgery). Thanks for the encouragement, Matt.

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