This and That–Volume 3

A few unrelated, mostly silly tidbits. Just because…

* We now have a new chihuahua puppy. This is chihuahua #3. I think the idea is when you have two already..what’s one more? This is also the mindset that caused us to have five kids.

* The movie John Carter has apparently been a bust at the box office. I blame the title. John Carter sounds less like the title of a movie and more like the name of your next-door neighbor. Guy #1: “I’m going to go see John Carter.” Guy #2: “Why? Is he in the hospital?”

* After my blog post from Tuesday of last week (Pisseth and the Gospel), Rick Warren tweeted: “Wise words Matt! @MattCannonLVBC The best Bible version for a person is the one that he or she is actually going to read!” This was a quote from my blog post which means that he read my post and liked it enough to tweet about it. I was so excited that I thought about buying a Hawaiian shirt. And then I remembered that the last time I wore a Hawaiian shirt it looked like I was wearing a tablecloth.

* Isn’t it strange how we get excited when a famous person acknowledges us, yet we aren’t constantly and completely in awe that the Creator of the universe knows us better than we know ourselves?

* Our three-year old threw up in bed a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience with the nasty stuff getting all over her hair, her bed, and a little bit on me. What was unique about it was that it didn’t smell bad because she had eaten A LOT of homemade chocolate chip cookies that day. It was the first time I have gotten hungry while cleaning up vomit.

* Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace were interviewed on The View recently. While they faced fairly heated questioning, it was Whoopi Goldberg’s body language that was most intriguing to me. She looked as agitated as I felt the time I went through the drive-thru at Krispy Kreme only to be told that they were out of donuts. Yes–this really happened. I don’t want to talk about it.

* I’ve heard some murders described as “crimes of passion.” Couldn’t most murders be described this way? There are very few disinterested murderers.

* I love March Madness. And a bunch of games taking place on a bunch of channels.  And the “little guys” hanging tough with (and sometimes beating) the “big boys.” And especially Anthony Davis’s uni-brow. It is MAGNIFICENT! If only mine were as good.

* Good books are wonderful. What I like better are those times when, by God’s providence, I am already leaning in a particular direction and then come across a book that presses me even further into that which will increase my joy and Christ-likeness . Such is the case with Gospel Wakefulness by Jared C. Wilson. If you haven’t read it, please consider doing so.

What are some tidbits that have been on your mind?


9 thoughts on “This and That–Volume 3

  1. You’ve got some interesting tidbits on your mind. I enjoyed it! My favorite part was about Rick Warren and the Hawaiian shirt. =)

    Here’s my list:

    *White Collar is awesome. I got hooked on that show over Thanksgiving break, and I’ve watched all the shows more than once, getting the rest of my family and friends hooked on it, too. Now it’s my dad who’s getting caught up on it, and I still love watching it.

    *MacGyver is awesome. Been watching the show on Netflix…and it makes me wish I knew how to make cool stuff from crap.

    *The Total Gym is awesome. My goal is to get closer to Chuck Norris status…but in the words of my friend, right now I’m at Chuck E. Cheese status.

    *Spring break is awesome. Usually I don’t have the time or energy to read too many blogs. If I wasn’t on spring break, I wouldn’t have gotten to read your post, which entertained me. =) And I love having two weeks of no responsibility.

    Thanks for the smiles this morning!

  2. I’m going to have to pull up that interview of the Driscoll’s on The View – how interesting is that? I’m not a huge fan of them – but I don’t have anything against them either.

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