A Gospel-Driven Weight Loss Plan

This is a picture of me from March 24th. Sadly, I was at my highest weight ever.

Like many of you, I have battled weight issues for years. Losing weight and gaining weight again and again is aggravating, but it has been the norm for me throughout my adult life.

It was later that evening that I decided to do something about it. A few days later (March 27th) I began the process once again of losing weight. Since then I have been walking 3+ miles per day, making better food choices, and looking for motivation anywhere I can get it.

As strange as it might sound to some, my greatest motivation has been the Gospel–I want to continue proclaiming it with gusto and effectiveness for as long as I can. Sharing the Good News of Jesus’s entrance into our world, his death for our sins, and his resurrection remains my mission and it is one I hope to continue being a part of for many years to come.

While I know the road to better health can be long and full of potholes (most of them full of donuts), I know I don’t walk it alone because the one who saved me and sanctifies me is sustaining me step by step.

So far I have lost 25 pounds and hope to lose about 75 more. Impossible? Not at all. The Bible tells me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It tells you the same thing.

Whatever it is you are trying to do–if it is something good and Christ exalting–take heart. The Savior is with you. Keep holding his hand.

What seemingly impossible goal do you have?
How can I pray for you in regard to it?


23 thoughts on “A Gospel-Driven Weight Loss Plan

  1. I want to join you in that walk. But I can only walk about a mile a day because my feet hurt if I walk anymore than that. Maybe pray for new feet?

  2. Congrats Matt on making the attempt to move toward better health. You haved the right idea-there is more to it than just losing weight. Better eating habits. Exercise. A mind change. Don’t have much to add except to encourage you to keep going regardless of the stumbles (donuts) along the way.

  3. Matt this so true!!! (And the timing of this blog is more perfect than you cud know…but obvs God knows!!!!!) Thank you 4 sharing this! You look great no matter what weight u r…handsome is handsome 🙂 xoxox

  4. God bless you in this endeavor. I need to shed about 75 lbs also. Why is food so good?? Especially here in E. TN. All the ladies at our church are superb cooks. I know it’s just an excuse. Pray that I will get on track also and the key is proper food choices & EXCERCISE!!! He that knoweth to do good & doeth it not, to him it is sin. God help me to quit this sinning in my life…

  5. Good for you! You’re inspiring! I need to get into a regular exercise routine, but the regular part hasn’t happened yet. I need to work on consistency.

  6. im trying to loose wieght too!!!…my biggest thing was eating at night…im not talking snacking…i’m talking Taco bell and Doller menue at 10pm at night…

    I started cutting that out…no more late night eats…(not past 7pm)…
    I try very hard to only drink water…NO cokes…unless weekends…maybe…
    My boss buys us healthy breakfast and lunch every day…
    and I started walking 30 minutes 3 times a week…(have to be careful with excersise cause i have a heart condition)…

    so i’m trying…
    I never really prayed for Jesus to help me with it…but i think… im getting to that point….as laziness is starting to kick in…

  7. I’m trying to raise monthly mission support to be able to focus on Ignite (both here in the States and in Europe) full time. It’s a daunting, overwhelming task, but I know God will provide.

  8. Dude! You’ve lost 25 pounds since March 27th?!?! Of this year? That is amazing! You’re doing great. Keep it up and we’ll cheer you on. I speak from experience when I say it is easier to do ministry when you are healthier. It affects energy level, mental clarity, mood, and how much you can get done.

  9. I want to have the focus to write a book. I want the wisdom to raise my children well. I want grace to be a new man.

    Congratulations on your commitment, Matt! Stick to it–there are “spillover” benefits to exercising self-discipline like this.

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