The Cookie Monster Diet

Last week I blogged about A Gospel-Driven Weight Loss Plan. While I am still committed to losing weight this way, I have now come up with back-up plan if it doesn’t work out.

It’s called The Cookie Monster Diet.

I know what you’re thinking–he only eats cookies. And I know that it would be hard to lose weight while eating like that. The thing that would make The Cookie Monster Diet work is not emulating what he eats but how he eats.

He never really swallows any of the cookies; I don’t think he ever has. He chews the cookies in such a violent manner that pieces and crumbs go flying. Take a look:

If this works with cookies I assume it would work with other foods like pizza, chicken-n-dumplins, and just about anything else.

Yes, I know it would be messy. But it would sure be fun.

Do you think The Cookie Monster Diet would work?
Who is your favorite resident of Sesame Street?


21 thoughts on “The Cookie Monster Diet

  1. Sure. You’d actually burn calories putting the food in your mouth, chewing it for a while, and spitting it out. Great idea! 🙂

    My favorite Sesame Street character – Grover.

  2. You amaze me w/how your brain works!! This sounds like a real winner on losing weight. You actually even get to taste somewhat of the food. I will try it but only w/food that isn’t too messy. Thanks.

  3. YES!!! Now that’s my kinda diet!!!

    I have to go with Ernie on this cause it kinda close to my name…not really…but i used to have spikey hair like that…

  4. I’ve seen you eat and it is sometimes similar to Cookie Monster. When you have the size family that you have there is no time to swallow.

    I like Snufalupagus.

  5. This will work for sure. Stay tuned for the Psalty diet to follow about 2 years after the Cookie Monster diet takes off.

  6. I was a HUGE Big Bird fan growing up. We had a Beta Tape (you remember Beta at all? The smaller version of VHS!) of Big Bird goes to China that I wore out from watching it too much. Loved that movie!

  7. Tried it….doesn’t work…unlike muppets, once we start tasting our food we want to swallow it. And being the killjoy I am, I like Snuffleupagus, too. He was real, just invisible to some…like a lot of people I know. I always cheer for the underdog. But I like all the others mentioned also.

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