A Fishy Story

My wife and I did a little fishing Tuesday evening and ended up catching 8 fish altogether. My 5 kids didn’t fish, but they were nearby throwing things in the water and making way too much noise. Here is my take on what one of the fish my wife caught was probably thinking before, during, and after being caught.


Wow–this is an absolutely beautiful day! The sun is shining, but it’s not too warm. The water is nice and flowing, but not too quickly. This might just be the best day of my life. The only thing that could possibly make this better would be if food magically appeared from above.


HOLY CARP! Are you kidding me? This can not be happening! I wish for food to appear and the biggest, juiciest looking worm I’ve ever seen suddenly appears in front of me?!? And it’s just sitting there?!? WOOOOHOOOO! Looks like my luck is finally changing.

Hey-it just moved a little. It just moved a little more! I see what’s going on here! Little Mr. Worm here thinks he can invade my river, dangle in front of me, and then run away before getting what’s coming to him. HA! Not on my watch!

I’m gonna getcha! I’m gonna getcha! I’m gonna getcha!

BOO-YAH! I gotcha! Hahahahahahahaha–victory is mine!

The guys are never going to believe thi…..YEEEE-OWWWWW!

My jaw–something’s stuck through my jaw! ABORT MISSION! ABORT MISSION! I have to get away from here quick. AUGGGHHH! I’m being pulled toward the light. Mom always said to swim away from the light!

What’s happening! I’m getting closer to the surface. Nothing good ever happens above the surface. OH NO!

Fish out of water! Fish out of water! I’m dangling from some sort of line hanging from a skinny pole thingy. What’s going on!

Who is that reaching out to get me? Is that Jesus! No–I never read anything about him wearing an Old Navy sweatshirt. Wait! It’s a woman. I bet she’s going to eat me!

Why is she looking at me like that? Who’s that big, ugly guy she’s showing me too? I bet he could eat me with one bite. Where did all of these kids come from. They’re all touching me! I’m contaminated! Did one of those kids just try to kiss me?!?!

I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! Please put me back in the water! Please put me back in the water!

AUGGGHHH! She just pulled the hook out! That’s gonna leave a mark!

She’s standing up! What’s she doing! She just threw me into the air. I’m flying! I’m flying!


Praise God, I’m back in the water! Thank you kind lady with the weird-looking husband and bunch of kids for throwing me back and not eating me! I’m too young to fry!

All that excitement made me hungry. Oh, look! Another worm just floating in the water. Surely lightening wouldn’t strike twice in one day…..


I must admit that I don’t like fishing very much, but I love my wife and she enjoys it. So I fish occasionally to spend time with her. And sometimes I think about things like this–just for fun.

What do you do that you don’t necessarily enjoy just to spend time with someone you love?
Do you think about things like this, too? Or is there something wrong with me? Or both?

17 thoughts on “A Fishy Story

  1. I watch a show or two on TV with her. I go grocery shopping with her. I don’t, however, do Michaels or Hobby Lobby or some frew-frew thing. Do you really want me to answer that last question? 🙂

  2. I attempt to watch a few of her shows with her. We love hanging out but we both have our hobbies that the other one wouldn’t dare participate in.

  3. your story reminds me of someone I was dating back in High School, I hated fishing but would go anyway, but one day I mentioned something like catching a fish is like having an asthma attack and I said I thought fishing was cruel.

    What do I do now to spend time with my spouse that I don’t really enjoy doing- watching shows like Pawn Stars, American Restoration and stuff like that- though to be honest they are growing on me.

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